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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
MedMana: Having decided that the rapids weren't suited for you, you move further down the riverbank, looking to strike out towards some of the rockier shallows of the river system. You walk for quite some while in your search, the sun hanging high above high in the sky feeling pleasant on your back rather than oppressively hot. Trainers wallow in the slacker areas of the river with their Pokemon, cheering and laughing - the area was generally framed with merriment, clearly a place where many happy bonds had been forged. Finally, you find yourself approaching a rockier area near a large bend in the river. The place was the ideal kind of spot where weary Pokemon would gather to rest their aching bodies, be that languishing in the pleasant beat of the sun or bathing in the shallows of the water.

As you approach though, a cheery laugh strikes your ears, hanging on the air. Turning, you see a young girl running towards you, a wide beaming grin on her face. Her tanned skin identifies her as a native, or at least someone who had spent a long time in the familiar sun of the Minnao Isles, and the way she greets you is polite and endearing. Her eyes were strikingly blue - a similar hue to the much calmer waters of the river in this area of the system. Looking up at you, the young girl extends a hand, pointing towards the rocks which reached into the waters.

"Hey there, are you here to look for Pokemon? I can tell you're a trainer, but you don't seem to be from around here. I can show you some awesome spots if you'd like? I was about to meet up with some of my friends, and you're welcome to tag along!"

The cheery easiness with which she talked to you was almost infectious, and it was clear that her intentions were pure, simply wanting to incorporate someone she had found on their own into her fun and games.
It was certainly quite the hike to get to the rockier side of the river, but it wasn't too tiring for someone who could only remember living from one campsite to the next like Ami was. If anything, the shoals of the Springtide Isle were rougher on the body than these. Still, these ones would be a nice place for anything to take a break and relax, so Ami was certain she was onto something.

She hadn't expected that something to be a little girl who was clearly not relaxing. The girl's excited call shocked Ami out of her simple thoughts, but it was hard to get mad at her for it. "...Oh, I didn't see you there," she stammered, but the girl pushed on with her invitation as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. Ami let her finish, mostly because she was pretty interested in the girl's enthusiastic plan. "This sounds like a pretty good idea. Alrighty then, you lead the way!"

The young trainer figured the girl would officially introduce herself when they met up with her friends- that seemed like a good time to introduce herself as well. Even if today's hunt ended up empty, she was certain that this girl would make it an enjoyable time anyway. And if things turned sour somehow, well... She knew that two of her pokemon were trustworthy and somewhat capable battlers. And it was pretty likely that some among the girl's friend group were trainers of their own right- it would take some serious trouble to get her to worry about much at all, she reasoned.

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