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Kawaii: Everything happened so quickly, you barely even got a proper chance to react as dear sweet Tengu was snatched from your arms. You could only ponder as to why the Croagunk would want him. Perhaps it had malicious intent, or... maybe it was actually trying to help you further your goal of restoring the young Seedot back to normal. Whatever the case was, you had to find Tengu, and fast. Your heart was pounding quickly, making your ears ring and your legs feel weak as you charged off in the direction you believed them to have gone to. Perhaps if the Croagunk actually had a good heart, as well as good intentions for Tengu; it would earn itself a spot on your team. Although at this moment, it was certainly difficult to say what was about to transpire once the kidnapper was caught.

Your other two Pokemon had suddenly taken on a serious air to themselves, they quickened their paces, running as fast as they could to keep up with you. Your Deerling made it look so effortless, while your Senret darted between the trees, scanning the area ahead long before you could ever get a proper look at it. Obviously, they too were concerned about their friend and teammate being snatched up right in front of them. They would do anything in their power to protect something that their trainer cared about, and seeing her so distraught certainly would not do.


Tengu sat idly in the Croagunk's arms as it carried him through the thick underbrush of the swamp. He had no idea where he was going, and he had no physical way of actually escaping from the Pokemon's clutches. He sighed, he supposed he would have to put up with it for now. Hopefully his trainer would find him soon, rescuing him from this odd Pokemon. Tengu had felt like they had been walking forever, when suddenly the Croagunk shifted away some leaves from a fallen tree trunk and moved himself inside. Tengu glanced around, the place was seemingly like that of a home, many makeshift beds made of straw and leaves lined the floors.

You didn't have to ponder why there were so many for long, as dozens of other grass types slowly came out from the shadows. An Oddish in particular eyed Tengu closely, looking over him with prying eyes.

"Welcome home, Seedot!" They all cheered in Pokemon speak. Tengu was bewildered as to what was going on. Had he just been indited into some sort of cult? Where were all these Pokemon's trainers? He had so many questions dancing through his mind.

"We're the Celebi Squad!" The Oddish chimed in, "We grab suffering Pokemon from trainers and bring them here for protection." At that moment, Tengu realised that they had it all wrong. His blackened eyes must've made them believe that he was in poor care, and that he needed to be rescued. He only wished he could form the words to tell them as such, as they got closer to him and cheered for his freedom.

Tengu can't do anything to save himself, but you most certainly can. What will you do?

Morningstar: The graveyard of Forgotten Hearts as it was formally known, a once cherished location where the locals would bury their deceased ancestors was now in total and utter disarray. The darkness, as well as the bleak appearance of the graveyard contrasted greatly with your mostly pink attire --- Not that you seemed to notice or mind. The story behind the location you were heading to made your heart flutter, that poor couple had never gotten the chance to be together because of their parents and ultimately took their own lives. It was moving, to say the least, you even shed a few tears as you became engrossed in the story. Your Mawile didn't share your sentiments, she was just looking forward to an adventure through a graveyard, it was probably going to be absolutely thrilling! As well as filled to the brim with ghost types that she could gain a few levels on.

The graveyard itself was certainly not what one would picture. The flowers surrounding the graves were rotting and turning to ash, it was obvious that the place had not received proper care in quite some time. You had brought some fresh flowers in the hopes of actually honouring a particular grave, it would be weird to just approach a graveyard with nothing but explorers intent. However, the bleakness of the location really dragged you down, making you wonder if you even wanted to progress forward.

Continuing your walk through the dreary graveyard, almost feeling the sadness in every step you took. Why had you chosen to visit a place like this? You most certainly hadn't pictured it to be, well, exactly like what you were currently observing. You sighed, glancing around for something to take your mind off of the bleakness of the location. You noticed what looked to be a light in the distance, that seemed particularly odd, as you were quite convinced that you were the only one here. The light is certainly odd, perhaps it would be wise to investigate? What do you do?

Patches: The chilliness of the room chilled you to your very core. You couldn't place why it was so cold in here, maybe it was faulty insulation in this room? Whatever the case, you really wish you had brought a jacket or sweater to wear. Luckily, your mind is able to brush off the cold as you finally find exactly what you were looking for in this manor --- the source of that putrid smell! The bag of incense smelt so awful, you pitied the owners for attempting to use such a terrible smelling object in an attempt to freshen their house. Hadn't they heard of febreeze or other air freshening products? You shrug it off, rummaging through your things and shoving the horrible smelling incense into an airlocked container inside your bag. That solves the problem of where that smell was coming from, but it doesn't quite dispel the smell entirely. You think for a few moments before placing a mint down in the spot the bag had been, if they made your breath extra minty there was hope that they could make this musty room minty as well.

When you finally stand and adjust yourself, you notice the painting upon the wall. Weird, had that always been here? You can't figure out why you wouldn't have noticed such a realistic depiction of a Pokemon. It was a little crooked, and the perfectionist inside of you most certainly wanted to fix it but the room was extremely dusty and disgusting. You promised yourself that you would do it as soon as you were able to clean the dust from the rest of the room, as soon as you found your trusty napkins that was. Rummaging through your pack, you realise almost all your napkins are gone, but you could've sworn you had a whole bunch more. You notice your Eevee had made himself a nice nest of napkins that he was now snoozing in, you wanted to scold him but his cute exterior made you think twice --- how could you get mad at something that adorable? It was almost impossible.

As you pick up your pack, you realise that you may as well just adjust the painting anyways, considering you have no possible way to clean the dust and grime from the rest of the room. As you move the painting, making sure it's straight, you hear the low growling once more. It certainly sounds a lot closer this time, almost as though whatever is making it is quite close to you. As you're about to brush it off, a loud hiss permeates from the painting and a large, black, clawed hand extends from inside the frame; swiping at your body. The hissing gets gradually louder, causing the walls to feel like they're shaking and warping all around you. The door to the room slams itself, and the only source of light in the room flickers out. It's just you, your Pokemon, and that weird painting now. In the darkness of the room, the gem encrusted eyes of the Pokemon in the portrait seem to glow brightly. It illuminates an outline in the floor that you hadn't noticed before, it appeared as though there was some sort of trap door in the floor.

The hissing had quieted down, but after swiping at you, the portraits smile has faded. Should you go into this trap door you have found, despite not knowing where it leads? What do you do?

Lit: The Manor of Lies, why had you felt drawn to such a place? The air felt heavily oppressive, almost as if walking through such a place was going to suck the very life out of you. Your body felt like it desperately wanted to come here, as if some memory buried deep was forcing you to trudge through the winding hallways of the mansion. Your Litwick, usually filled with more life in such a location, a place where he could feast uninterrupted, seemed withdrawn, even it's usually bright flame seemed to dim in the dank hallways. The Foongus in your arms shook in fear, was it really wise to bring the usually sheltered Pokemon to a place such as this? You weren't really sure of the answer, but you hoped that your Litwick's support would be enough to encourage the timid Foongus to liven up his life with a little adventure. You were curious what had actually happened here... why this mansion was the way it was, and more importantly why dark types were drawn here in such numbers.

As you walked down one of the numerous expansive halls in the mansion, you found yourself drawn to a particular room. Despite the mansion being dark and seemingly devoid of life, you swore you could smell a roast cooking from this direction. Maybe it was just your mind playing tricks on you, maybe you were just hungry and dreaming about food --- but your curiosity had gotten the better of you. You walked in the direction the smell was coming from, which lead you into what looked to be a dining hall. The table held twelve chairs, all lavishly decorated with red cusions. Each placement at the table was set, holding chipped and grimy plates and rusted silverware. It was as though the manor itself was waiting for a dinner that never seemed to arrive. There was a candlestick in the centre of the table, it's three candles had been dead for quite some time, the wax had torn through the once beautiful floral table cloth. It was haunting to see such a scene, had the dinner guests left in a hurry? Or was this set specifically for an occasion that never occurred? Innumerable questions ran through your head as you attempted to figure out why.

You hear the door from beyond the table open, the one that presumably leads to the kitchen. You glance over quickly, wondering if it had weak hinges and had just blown open... and that's when you notice her. A young woman in a maid outfit, her hair is long and black; done into a ponytail. She seems slightly startled when she notices you, her eyes look tired, a pale blue that reflects little emotion.

"Oh... hello." She said, giving a small curtsy. "I didn't hear you come in, would you like some refreshments while you wait for master to come home?" You look at the girl, confused. You had heard this house was abandoned, who was this master she was referring to? Should you accept her offer? What do you do?
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