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★ Starlight Summit ★

Missingno. Master

The team opts for the darker path to the right, though the darkness is soon not an issue as Cotton lights up with a bright Flash, opting to make the exposure a bit longer term and dimmer as opposed to the battle-ready intense burst. The light floods the area, and the darkness - though extending past the reach of Cotton's light, is at least held enough at bay to give the group an idea of where they're heading. You proceed down the cave, which seems to go more or less directly into the mountain. There's not a whole lot to see down here, but it also seems to be relatively unobstructed and unoccupied, making your advancement relatively easy. After a little while of unimpeded progress, you find yourself at what can be best described as an atrium - a large area with a high ceiling and lots of open space. Cotton's light fails to extend terribly far into this natural room of sorts, but it does reflect off something just outside its full reach.

The glint and vague outline of the object appears to suggest that whatever it is is round and shiny, which could very well be the Mime Jr.'s cherished ball! Before you can approach to investigate any further, though, a shadow approaches and seems to engulf the ball, before it suddenly bursts back into view in the form of a brief reflected flash. Whatever it is that has the ball, though, seems rather put off by the light, and flees. For as long as you can trace it, you see the ball disappear behind a nearby rock, presumably with whatever has grabbed it and ran off...

♨ Bubbling Beach ♨


Hoping to find the perpetrators before the sun sets, the group returns with the ball to the beach. Before you can begin their search in earnest, though, you're met by the Seel, still waiting nervously by the dunes. The bold Seel's eyes light up upon your return.

"Oh, you found it!" she cheers, "Thank you so much!"

"It's a little worse for the wear, but at least it's still in one piece and not totally deflated," the timid Seel comments, taking the ball back from Peaches and fumbling with it a bit, managing to get the air hole opened and attempting to reinflate it a bit, unintentionally blowing raspberries with his big tongue.

"You should come to our alcove down the beach this evening so we can give you a proper reward for your help," the bolder Seel offers.

"Yeah, we'd love to have you!" the timid Seel chimes in.

This enthusiasm is short lived, however, as he looks over and prods his friend, noticing the approach of the Rough Customers.

"We gotta go - see you later!" he says, the two of them flopping off, beelining towards the waves for a quicker getaway.

With the Seels reunited with their ball, all that's left to deal with is the beach bullies, who have stopped their advance and are milling about a tide pool, likely up to no good. The Houndour and Corphish seem to be chatting, but Panpour is sitting alone, idly running a finger through the sand. With the beach still largely abandoned, they have no one to torment, but they're likely plotting their next scheme...


"Oh thank you, thank you so much!" the Pansear cheers gratefully, looking a little relieved that someone agreed to help, "I'm sure he had a den - I've seen those bugs skitter around here before."

Surely enough, even after only a few moments, Pouli's skilled nose picked up a scent. The musky smell of the bug was not hard to locate, and the trail was still obviously quite fresh. The duo (with Pansear in tow) is swiftly led by the instinctual draw of Pouli's tracking around a few corners and into a small, cave-like area wedged between two raised springs. It's a tight squeeze, but all three Pokémon manage to follow the trail into the tiny cave, which shrinks even further into a burrow. Nudging down, there's just enough light to see a glint of something shiny, or rather, quite a few things. It seems that this little guy is a bit of a thief. Looking around a bit more, you see some movement.

"Don't hurt me!" came a voice with a chittering yelp, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'll give it back! Just don't hurt me!"

Out from the darkness emerged the Wimpod, looking even more nervous that one might expect of such a cowardly Pokémon. It had the necklace still around its body, and offered it up. Pansear took it back immediately, slipping it over her neck and holding it close to her chest.

"You coward - you steal my necklace and don't even stand up for yourself!" she spat back.

"I'm sorry!" the Wimpod choked out, "I have to take whatever I can! My boss makes me!"

"Who's your boss?" Pansear replies, clearly skeptical.

"The Gosoliopod who runs this part of the beach! If I don't take stuff for him, he gets mad and..." the Wimpod shook, clearly quite fearful of his "boss" - he seems genuine enough, but can the thief be trusted?

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