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You approach the library with your Spritzee by your side. The building was tall but dark, shadows across the Archanine statues made them look even more imposing. Your Spritzee companion seems intimidated by these large stone monsters. You, on the other hand, are not affected. You scan the building for any sort of entrance. Suddenly you spot a window on the second floor that is just slightly open. Or you could just go straight for the front door, it stands at the top of the stone steps. It's glass suface daring you to break into it. The doors are frosted at the top with the name of the library scrawled into it.
The front door would be significantly more difficult since there are very many alarms attached to the front door. However, you would be able to figure out where you were. If you decided to take the window you could manage to get in but have no idea where you are. Your Spritzee looks at you worredly. It's time for you to make up your mind. What do you decide?

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