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The bios are far from good, but at least they exist this time.

Lady Macbeth - Level 3 Kirlia

Spoiler: show
I'm sure you've read Macbeth, but the real story was a little different from what's been recorded in drama and even in history.

Lady Macbeth was not married to Macbeth. History goes so far as to deny her existence, but as it turns out she was a young maid who was getting it on a bit with the then-prince and was promised to marry him. She urged him to kill the reigning monarch, Duncan, which he did with her help. Duncan wasn't the only man in the way, and Lady Macbeth found herself the nexus of an increasingly bloody Comédie Humaine. Finally, when Macbeth ordered her to murder his best friend whose descendants he believed would usurp his position, she refused and turned to go.

Macbeth stabbed her in the heart, and she crumpled to the ground. He then dumped her lifeless body in the swamp behind the castle, noting her pale skin and lack of heartbeat. The swamp water seeped into her hair, turning it a pale green, and the blood clotted around the knife in her heart.

What happened next is unclear - 10 years later, a bright flash emitted from the swamp, and Macbeth was slaughtered by some mysterious power in that very instant. Filled with sorrow, Lady Macbeth, now a Gardevoir, departed into the misty woods of Scotland.

Signature Move: Glimpse (PS/FA)

At the cost of heavy energy, Lady Macbeth uses her psychic powers to relocate a foe, dealing moderate Fairy damage to them. This move is unusually difficult to perform, and she will need a few seconds to get her bearings after using it. It follows the same rules as Teleport.

Glimpse requires physical contact. It can be used at the same time as any physical attack, but still counts as a move.

Snorby: OK so a lot of problems. First and foremost, a sig like this requiring physical contact is gonna be... weird. Like, does it require contact to activate? After use? Both, meaning Kirlia gets teleported too? Also, how can it be paired with a physical attack if immediately after using this attack she's disoriented and can't do stuff? There's a whole lot that needs to be ironed out here. Rejected.

Level 3 Metang

Spoiler: show







Signature Move: Parallel Processing (PS/ST)

Metang's arms move and function independently of its body, and it can use attacks with them. These attacks will always chase foes, so they are extremely hard to dodge. Arms also do not suffer from exhaustion. Movement orders given to the arms do not count as moves. If an arm takes 1 HB of damage, it will shut down and be returned permanently to Metang's body. Metang's arms are required for hovering; with only one arm, flight ceiling and maneuverability are sacrificed, and with no arms, Metang is forced to move by hopping. Simply having the arms nearby is enough for flight, though.

Metang may not use Magnet Rise, Zen Headbutt, or Iron Head.

Snorby: So like... This is basically Haunter Hands+++++++++++++++++++++ with really weird and excessive drawback. Unfortunately, weird and excessive drawback doesn't stop "literally no exhaustion and near perfect accuracy with all arm attacks" less broken. The issues with this are honestly kind of unfixable so if I were you I'd just go for Haunter Hands with better drawback. Rejected.

Level 2 Slowpoke

Spoiler: show
Slowpoke is a lot smarter than he looks. Though he may be a little slow on the uptake...on, well, everything...he is actually extremely cunning, thoroughly resenting the slow body and slow mind that life gave him and yearning for something a little faster-paced. Since he was ultimately not successful at this, he decided he'd bring everyone else down to his level.

Signature Move: Brainwash (PS/WA)

Slowpoke sends a gush of psychically charged water forwards, dealing moderate damage to an enemy. This move confuses the enemy and makes it drowsy. Costs good energy. Subsequent uses of Brainwash on the same Pokemon deal good damage instead, but do not apply confusion.

Snorby: No two statuses can be pulled from one move at the same time. Also, this is wayyyy too good for a guaranteed effect. Keep in mind Will-O-Wisp is Decent for Good with a 50% chance to burn.

Melisandre - Level 2 Braixen

Spoiler: show
The brightest lights cast the darkest shadows. Praise be to R'hllor.

Melisandre is the Red Priestess, a powerful cleric who can see the future in her flames. Calm and confident, she is kept safe by her ability to scry dangerous moments in the battles ahead of her and stride confidently through the flames, knowing that the vision granted to her by her burning God of Light will protect her. As well as her fire magic and psychic powers.

Signature Move: Priestess of R'hllor (PS/FI)

Whenever Melisandre ignites or uses her wand, or at the cost of a move, she will gaze into the flames and foresee the position, motion, and action of an enemy Pokemon at their most dangerous moment during the next round. She then summons a delayed pillar of flame at that location that is timed to erupt from below at just the right moment, at the cost of solid energy. This pillar deals good damage and will attempt to interrupt the most dangerous move of that round.

Can only be used once per round. Using this move in consecutive rounds has a failure chance. In the round where the pillar appears, the move has a 25% chance for Melisandre to see nothing in her flames and a 50% chance for her to misjudge her timing. In the round after that, she has a 50% chance to misjudge her timing.

Snorby: Yeah sorry even a Braixen can't get away with something this ridiculous. You can literally use this while going first to hard stop the opponent from using offtype while going second and that's insane. Rejected.

Level 2 Exeggutor

Spoiler: show
Well hello friend. Sit down. Enjoy yourself.

This? Oh, these are the trees. They are my friends as well. Don't worry about them. We will enjoy the fruits of their harvest soon enough. Leave? Oh no, haha, I can't let you leave. Not without some hospitality. See how the ground moves with the strength of my love? See how the trees around us are joined as one?

Human heads? Don't be quaint. These seeds are far beyond mere humanity. Each one is connected to the Overmind. Its eyes and its ears are all around us now, comforting and protecting us.

Screams? No, they are rejoicing with sounds of adulation and love. If only you could hear the jubilant sound! Well...there is a way. Come. Join us. We shall plant you and you shall spread your roots and reach for the sun.

Signature Move: Salting the Earth/A Bountiful Harvest (PS/GR)

Salting the Earth: Exeggutor may plant a head at the cost of a move. For two rounds, the head will germinate and grow underground, casting out roots and preparing itself for growth.

A Bountiful Harvest: A new Exeggutor climbs out of the soil where the original seed was planted. The new Exeggutor is half the size of the original and has only 1 HB of health and only one head. This automatically happens at the end of the round, two rounds after the original planting, and is not a move.

Clones may only use 1 move per round, but draw from the same energy pool as the main Exeggutor and contribute to its exhaustion (as Exeggutor is the one controlling its clones). Clones mimic the energy and exhaustion levels of the main Exeggutor. Moves used by clones do half damage for half energy, and are half as exhausting as they would be if used by the main Exeggutor.

In a round where a clone attacks, Exeggutor may only use 1 move.

Exeggutor is only knocked out when all of its heads are knocked out. Germinating heads do not count as active heads, though! Defeating Exeggutor while any heads are germinating will cause all planted heads to wither and die instantly.

Exeggutor cannot use Ingrain, Giga Drain, Leech Seed, Absorb, Mega Drain, or Grassy Terrain. Clones may not use Telekinesis, Psychuck,
Mimic, Moonlight, or Synthesis, but can provide vision and information for the main Exeggutor to use Telekinesis or Psychuck at a distance. Sleep Powder and Hypnosis have consistently diminishing returns no matter which Exeggutor is using them.[/S]

Snorby: Oh god no what no no no never clones bad Shuckle bad.

Snorby: lul jk I'll come back to these when I do the rest of the thread

guess who didnt come back to these when doing the rest of the thread

Snorby: To be fair, Sneaze did the rest of the thread.

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