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Originally Posted by Tyoyo3131 View Post
Cordina’s Peak: Named after a famous priestess, Cordina’s Peak is the religious center of the Minnao people. People from various tribes often travel here to make offerings to Manaphy for the health of their children, or to Kyogre for good weather. Here, the current head priest, Holai, attempts to heal the bonds between people and Pokemon on the island. While there isn’t much fishing opportunity here, with the only water truly available in the shallow pools of the Sea Altar, the locals are sure to need help with the daily goings on in the village. Please respond in deepskyblue. This area is intended for Normal adventures.
"Trouble in paradise", is that not how they say it? It's palpable...

Tourist brochures and internet sites might classify the Minnao Archipelago as an idyllic little place, the sort of utopia one desperately wants to believe in. But he, Rorik Pine of Heiml, was a man of science and proper investigation - and it was undeniable that, beneath the scent of roses and warmth of sunlight, something was wrong in Minnao.

The natives have always treasured their bonds with the titular deities, Manaphy and Kyogre. Their offerings, as with any tribe, come both from a sense of deep-seated respect and natural apprehension. And it's obvious they fear for the strength of these timeless bonds - tributes increase in size as the people's anguish grows paralleled...

Pokémon Professors specialized in all manner of research fields within the vast intricacies of the world. Some took an interest in evolution, others in environmental adaptability. Rorik, for his part, had always been fascinated with the role of bonds between humans and Pokémon in the latter's growth. To him, the pinnacle of that connection was the miraculous Bond Phenomenon, one he couldn't yet explain but vowed to one day decipher. He hoped this journey would allow him to see first hand just how radically a strong bond can alter a Pokémon's life - and this was just the place to start.


That was the man to seek, if he wanted to know more about Minnao's ongoing troubles. The head priest was, according to the locals, the man in charge of healing the wounds between people and Pokémon - in a way, he was Minnao's expert in bonds as Rorik was Heiml's. It should make for some glorious scientific discussion!

But a discussion that absolutely will not take place unless I can find the man, I'm afraid...
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