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Le Cimetičre des Cœurs Oubliés
They call it the Graveyard of Forgotten Hearts, and very few dare to visit it these days. A few miles outside of the city proper, it was once the place where most of the citizens of Marécage Noir interred their dead -- until the tragedy. One night two young lovers stuck into the cemetery and -- burdened by the knowledge that their feuding families would never give blessing to their union -- hung themselves in the branches of the largest tree on the grounds. Now abandoned and derelict, it serves as little more than a horrible reminder to the people who call Marécage Noir home. The gates stand unlocked and the graves, all of them above ground in family mausoleums, are mostly unkempt and abandoned. Ghost-type Pokémon are drawn to the despair which permeates these grounds, and some even say the heartbroken couple still wanders, looking for the peace never afforded to them in life. Please reply in DarkRed.
A graveyard of restless souls... It should yield saisfying results.

Nothing about the northern wetlands was inviting, and it had taken him no small amount of inner debating before settling on this destination. Rorik had spent the majority of his life within the confines of his precious lab, so for the Professor to willingly venture onto a supposedly-haunted cemetery, it took considerable courage. Even if logic dictated that there should be no such thing as lingering spirits and vengeful souls, there was still something intangible about the supernatural that the man of science much preferred to leave untapped.

And yet, I must. In the name of progress!

As this gargantuan inner struggle took place, a far more laidback creature merrily made his way around the countless unkempt gravestones scattered around the area - Gottfried' Munchlax, a gift from the Heimlan Champion to the novice Professor, dutifully zig-zagged around the burial sites in search for food, unaware of the place's spiritual significance and thoroughly uncaring about silly things such as "upsetting the dead". Rorik sighed; he couldn't possibly imagine what it was like to live life with such reckless abandon.

Might as well leave him be. He listens to nobody when he's hungry... Now, to begin my research! Ruling hypothesis: Pokémon who haven't experienced powerful bonds in life have a higher likelihood of lingering as resentful Ghosts.

A chilly breeze swept across the Graveyard as he prepared to begin his investigation. A decidedly unnatural gust of wind charged with more than moving molecules - there was an eerie energy about that even someone as level-headed and analytical as Professor Rorik Pine could not ignore. Was this some sort of omen? Maybe some truths were best left unearthed...
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