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"Heh, he ain't forgettin' dat Egg hunt anytime soon," Meowth chuckled as Heather explained where she got her Vulpix.

"Yeah- I definitely remember that day," Keith grinned. "Check out what I got from it," he added, producing a Poison Ball off his belt and enlarging it. "Aster, come on out," he said, at which point the ball split open, unleashing a remarkably pink Mareanie. Brilliant blue sparkles flew around the Shiny for a brief moment as she shyly hid her face behind her tentacles, and also hid herself behind Keith's leg. "She's pretty shy," Keith explained. "Aster, it's OK," he added. "This here is Heather, she's a friend of mine."

"...Ma? Reanie?" Aster murmured, peeking out from behind Keith and looking up at Heather.

Heather then suggested they head into the living room. "Sure," Keith agreed, ready to follow Heather. Though he couldn't help but notice that Heather mentioned Ryuko in reference to who Anion would likely be seeing. And he couldn't help but remember that Ryuko was a Plusle. Well. That ought to be interesting.

Anion entered the playroom, immediately spotting two Pokémon she'd never before met. One was a Misdreavus, though the other, she noticed, was a Plusle. She looked almost exasperated at this, though said nothing. Surely nobody present would force the issue of the two of them being a team, or some kind of package deal or something of that nature, right? Anion, after all, did not regard herself as simply part of a set, or incomplete in any way. She was a Minun, and proud of it.

The Misdreavus spoke first, introducing both himself and the Plusle, and suggesting that they didn't get to meet last time. "Yeah, I wouldn't think we'd have met last time, considering last time was probably way before Keith even got me," replied Anion. "Heh, I'll tell 'em that," she added in response to Ryuko. "The name's Anion, good to meet you both," she grinned. "So, no pool- actually not complaining there, I hate getting wet- so just what do you do for fun around here?" she asked.

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