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Heather grinned proudly as Keith's Pokedex scanned Danni's sleeping form, the familiar voice explaining the Vulpix's properties succinctly.

"Remember that Egg hunt on Springtide Isle? I ended up just looking around for something I thought I'd like instead of specifically an Electric Type. I picked up this little one's Egg and I just knew it was the one. Of course, the decision was kind of made for me when she hatched right then, but I don't regret it. That being said, there are a couple Electric Alolan Forms for me to go after in due time." she explained. "Danni's very much still a baby, though, and she's imprinted on me. Ryuko can calm her down too, but if neither one of us is present with her at any time...Let's just say I'd rather not shovel another foot of snow out of here." Heather added sheepishly as the door closed behind both Trainers. "Anyhow, I figured we'd take today off, especially after all with Stewie. I'm sure Ryuko will keep Anion company, so why don't we head to the Living Room?" she propositioned at last, Grace one again returning to the room in question. One could still tell from Heather's voice that the thought of Stewie wasn't a good one.


Over in the Playroom, a Plusle bounced around with rather large leaps, as if the small bunny suit it was wearing actually made it a more capable jumper. In the corner, a Misdreavus looked on, encouraging the small Electric Type. When Anion entered the room, Ryuko stopped her bouncing and immediately walked over with an excited look. Magus followed suit, hovering behind. The Misdreavus quickly seized the first chance to speak.

So I heard Keith is here? We must not have met last time, then. I'm Magus, and this excitable one beside me is Ryuko. This room is just for us to get a little exercise if we so please. the Ghost explained thoroughly, as Ryuko piped up in turn.

"Yep! Keith's Pokémon are friends! We don't have a pool yet though..." the Plusle mentioned. Make sure you tell Neville and Dudley that we'll get one soon so we can all play together again!" she added, clearly excited at the concept, before finally remembering her manners. "So what's your name?" she asked expectantly.
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