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Ami watched as the lady of the house scurried off again, and swiftly came sort of heat-giving device. "Woah, it's like a little metal fire!" she exclaimed whee went to test it. "This'll definitely work." The next part of her benefactor's generosity trotted in as she tried to layout her soaked clothes in such a way that the heater in such a way that they dried off while posing the least threat to the floorboards possible. "Oh, thank you!" she said as she took the thermos from its bearer's nose. Doing so brought the lediba into her field of vision, its concern showing clearly on its face. "Um... I'll probably be okay now. The worst I could probably get now is a small cold, right?" A cold would certainly be far better than getting hypothermia, at least.

Bell noticed the feline pokemon's sniffing and turned to face her. "Hi, hi! Can you please tell me what this thing is, miss?" he asked, pointing one of his top three legs at the TV. His innocent curiosity all but betrayed his youth.

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