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Gary smiled at the prospect of finding water type Pokemon in his impending adventure at the mangroves. That was his goal, after all. He watched as Tate began to work on various tasks around the room before pulling out a case of medicine. “Hey, I have to go give Uhane her medicine real quick, if you want to come with? She's been training with a new move, and it's, uh... been rough on her,” Tate explained.

Nodding with a shrug, Gary replied, “Sure, I’d be happy to help.” He was curious to learn more about Alolan species such as Rowlett. “I’ve got a little Alolan bugger myself,” he added with a chuckle, pulling out a Pokeball. He lightly tossed it in the air as it popped open. He then caught the Pokeball with one hand and a little ball of slime with the other. It was a small black ball with rose-colored spines sticking out of its back. “This is Pickle; I recently hatched her so she’s a little curious about the world,” he said with a smile, putting Pickle on his shoulder. “Pyuu~” she greeted with a yawn, her slimy membrane allowing her to stick firmly on Gary’s shoulder.
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