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Intro for Kawaii

The Yupien Public Library - A long-established institution near the city's center which allows free access to a variety of published works for citizens of Yupien. A pair of Arcanine statues at the top of the marble staircase guard the building's entrance - a popular architectural feature in the time the building was made, almost a century ago. Hours of operation are listed as 7 AM through 7 PM.
The invigorating chill that clung to the evenings of early Spring was gradually fading away with each passing night. Not that Ffion was ever one to wear a coat save in situations where frostbite and hypothermia were legitimate, life-threatening concerns, such was her stubbornness against covering herself unduly... but soon, her nighttime jaunts would warrant nothing more than a tank top, some short shorts and sandals. Spring would end, as it always must, and Summer would burn her reckless, pale skin red and raw. The smell of sunblock was too strong, and the burning and peeling was a cleansing of sorts - a ritual of Summer - and she looked forward to it, in her own, odd way.

For now, the sun had only recently sank fully beneath the horizon, and dark, clear skies revealed the beginnings of starlight - well past 8 o'clock. Though many trainers were retiring for the evening with their Pokemon, the city was far from deserted - Ffion would have to be careful. As the nights grew warmer, they would grow more crowded. The strange, frizzy-haired woman had to admit that a strong winter chill kept others out of her way in the evenings. There was a lot to be said for it.

Still, she would not be dissuaded from her goal. The city library was no fun when librarians and security were about, watching her every move, squawking at her the moment she tried ripping pages out of one of the books, or trying to step into roped-off sections, or reading out loud to everyone in the library because she happened across a particular passage that she just HAD to share - if she could not share the finer points of Bukowski's "a 340 dollar horse and a hundred dollar whore" with the library's patrons, she may as well educate little Bogie after-hours, when no one liable to ruin her lecture was about - there was just the small matter of figuring a way inside.

Bogie the Spritzee, wide-eyed and unaware of his trainer's intentions, smells of sweet, lavender honey - a sample of which he had tasted at a market while shopping for provisions with his trainer in the daylight hours. It was not his favorite, but the smell was undeniably beautiful when wafting through his little pink feathers - and it seemed to him that Ffion rather liked it, and so, he would effuse as much as he could. He floats close to her, regarding the nighttime stroll with eager curiosity. Ffion merely hums to herself, a wordless, aimless tune, her eyes scanning the area closely... The library was just ahead, and she couldn't afford to make a mistake.

Up ahead, her target looms - a regal-looking building with a lovely marble staircase, built almost a century before Ffion graced its steps. Two stone statues of Arcanine guarded the staircase - Ffion scoffed. They'd need some more intimidating-looking guardians to keep someone like her out. Bogie, on the other hand, avoids the gaze of the creatures, stone though they may be - bold as he was, something about them bothered him.

Ffion takes a long look at the library, trying to assess the current situation...

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