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Keith looked rather impressed as his Minun's knocking prompted the movement of a small camera. This soon led to a voice very much like that of his Pokédex confirming his identity, presumably for the sake of the house's inhabitant. And speaking of which, the door soon slid open, revealing Heather and Grace. "Hey, Heather, Grace," Keith smiled, obligingly walking inside.

Anion gave a proud smile as Heather noticed her. "Mai mai!" she responded.

"Yeah, this is Anion," Keith stated, gesturing to the Minun. "I adopted her not long ago. Anion, just be sure to not get into any trouble, OK?" he advised the Electric-type.

"Mai Minun," Anion responded, wandering further into the house, headed for the playroom.

Keith gave a small sigh and a chuckle. "When Anion sets her mind on something, there's no changing it," he said to Heather. "And- ooh," he added, noticing the adorable Ice-type asleep in Heather's arms. "Now what have we here?" he murmured, taking out his Pokédex.

"Vulpix- Alola Form- the Fox Pokémon. An Ice-type," said the Pokédex. "Vulpix exhales frigid air colder than negative 58 degrees Farenheit. In hot weather, it generates shards of ice with its six tails and sprays them around to cool itself off."

"Wow, so Vulpix can have another form," Keith remarked, unable to stop smiling- the Alolan Vulpix was just too damn cute. "Wow. So, when did you get this Vulpix?" he asked Heather.

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