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Trainer Name: Rorik Pine Holstadt
Age: 28
Birthplace: Edda City, Heiml Region
Profession: Pokémon Professor
Appearance: A lean, average-height man who's always lacked physical prowess. While his hair is dark-red like his father's, he inherited his mother's green eyes and sub-par eyesight to go along - as a result, he never takes off his glasses. He proudly wears his lab coat in his travels, unafraid to show his true calling in a world of Trainers and Coordinators.
History: Rorik was born in Heiml, and spent the majority of his life in the great commercial metropolis of the region, Edda City. He is the younger brother of Erik and the son of legendary Trainer Ulrik "Dragonheart" Holstadt, with whom he cut all ties many years prior for reasons he insists on keeping to himself - in fact, the Pine surname he always uses was actually inherited from his late mother.
From a young age, Rorik revealed tremendous aptitude for studying and exceptional critical thinking; quickly drawn to the mysteries of the Pokémon World that were yet undecipherable, he found no target more appealing than the elusive Bond Phenomenon. Contrary to his much more athletic, battle-inclined brother, Rorik opted to become a Pokémon Professor, specializing in the mysterious power of bonds between humans and Pokémon who can drive the latter to perform miraculous feats. His dedication to his work earned him the respect and recognition of the entire region, including that of the "Norse God" Gottfried Haraldson, the regional Champion for over three decades.
Yet, despite his preference for silence and isolation - the only way to get any proper work done! - Rorik eventually came to understand the limitations of seclusion; if he wanted to take his research further, attests his theories for himself and witness the strength of these bonds with his own eyes, the Professor ultimately decided to leave his Lab and even his home region to further pursue his studies abroad.
Completely inept at battle and at forming bonds himself, Rorik now travels the foreign land of Fizzytopia alongside partners he is yet to even understand, let alone connect with...


Nickname: Guntz
Gender: Male
Level: 35
Bond: 50
Ability: Thick Fat
Nature: Mild
Birthday: November 24
Ball: Luxury Ball
Hold Item: None
Obtained: Starter
Level-up Moves: Last Resort, Recycle, Lick, Metronome, Odor Sleuth, Tackle, Defense Curl, Amnesia, Chip Away, Screech, Body Slam, Yawn, Headbutt, Belly Drum, Rest, Snore, Sleep Talk, Giga Impact
EM/MT Moves: Bounce, Drain Punch, Heal Bell, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Mega Kick, Rock Slide, Softboiled, Superpower, Swords Dance, Thunderbolt, Volt Tackle, Zen Headbutt
TM/HM Moves: Earthquake, Energy Ball, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Pay Day, Return, Rock Tomb, Snatch
Bio: Rorik's very first Pokémon, a gift from Champion Gottfried. Initially perpetually hungry and oblivious to pretty much everything around him, he displayed little interest in his Trainer and often acts of his own accord, especially if there was food to be retrieved nearby. But after several adventures by Rorik's side, Guntz eventually learned to respect the man for who he was, and their Bond became stronger than Rorik could ever have expected. Now, motivated by the Professor's own resilience and humility, Guntz strives to make his Trainer proud, even if it means forgoing the food and sleep he loves so much. Now, he is truly dependable, and capable of unleashing his full potential at Rorik's command - the strength of their connection, as well as the previous training Guntz received from the legendary Gottfried, make him a truly formidable combatant.

Nickname: Stahl
Gender: Genderless
Level: 47
Bond: 50
Ability: Analytic
Nature: Quiet
Birthday: January 31
Ball: Luxury Ball
Hold Item: None
Obtained: Adoption Center
Level-up Moves: Hydro Pump, Spotlight, Swift, Confuse Ray, Tackle, Harden, Water Gun, Rapid Spin, Recover, Psywave, Swift, Bubble Beam, Camouflage, Gyro Ball, Brine, Light Screen, Minimize, Reflect Type, Power Gem, Psychic, Cosmic Power
EM/MT Moves: Barrier, Dark Pulse, Draco Meteor, Ice Beam, Signal Beam, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Twister
TM/HM Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Giga Drain, Tri Attack
Bio: Stahl was actually adopted by mistake, and initially proved to be an immense challenge for the socially-clueless Rorik. It doesn't speak, exhibits no signs of biological needs and cannot convey any emotions via facial expressions or body language. However, their many journeys alongside one another have allowed Rorik to see Stahl for what it truly is: intensely curious about the world around it, unfailingly loyal and even affectionate despite its perpetual silence. It has a sharp, analytic mind that allows it to quickly decipher mysteries as well as strategically approach many challenging situations, including combat, with the ideal amount of strength and energy expenditure.

Nickname: Volg
Gender: Male
Level: 41
Bond: 35
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Rash
Birthday: October 3
Ball: Luxury Ball
Hold Item: None
Obtained: The Hatchery
Level-up Moves: Flare Blitz, Heat Wave, Dragon Claw, Shadow Claw, Air Slash, Wing Attack, Scratch, Growl, Ember, Metal Claw, Smokescreen, Dragon Rage, Scary Face, Fire Fang, Slash, Flame Burst, Flamethrower, Slash
EM/MT Moves: Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush
TM/HM Moves: Acrobatics, Brick Break, Fire Blast, Fly, Focus Blast, Solar Beam, Steel Wing, Sunny Day
CM Moves: Crossfire
Bio: Volg is afflicted by a mysterious curse known as the Baimon, a condition that sends the young drake into a berserker rage whenever the slightest hint of conflict appears. Although he tries his very hardest to repress it, Volg cannot control his urges and often comes across and extremely dangerous and uncontrollable, scaring both Rorik and the other Pokémon in the team. As it turns out, in his rare moments of inner peace, Volg is actually a very mild and affectionate creature, but finds himself ever more ostracized due to these deadly impulses...

Nickname: Zyll
Gender: Male
Level: 64
Bond: 50
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Calm
Birthday: September 26
Ball: Luxury Ball
Hold Item: None
Obtained: The Hatchery
Level-up Moves: Outrage, Tri Attack, Double Hit, Tackle, Dragon Rage, Focus Energy, Bite, Headbutt, Dragon Breath, Roar, Crunch, Slam, Dragon Pulse, Work Up, Dragon Rush, Body Slam, Scary Face, Hyper Voice
EM/MT Moves: Dark Pulse, Earth Power, Flamethrower, Shadow Blast, Shock Wave
TM/HM Moves: -
Bio: Zyll was rescued by Rorik as an Egg from the rage of Volg, who sensed the immense latent power of the dragon even before birth and was overwhelmed by his own curse. Despite not initially planning to keep Zyll, Rorik was impressed by the rarity of his color and, most of all, touched by his surprisingly calm, almost gentle demeanour, so uncharacteristic of his species. Against his better judgement, the Professor took the dragon in, and continuously tries to stop Volg from picking fights with the peaceful Deino. To this day, Rorik can't quite understand why Zyll is the way he is - silent, tranquil, contemplative - but he still harbours a latent fear of what might happen once the drake evolves and the full extent of his power is released... will everything be alright, or does ruin await once Zyll awakens?

Nickname: Leif
Gender: Male
Level: 4
Bond: 2
Ability: Long Reach
Nature: Lonely
Birthday: March 10
Ball: PokéBall
Hold Item: None
Obtained: Trade with Gary
Level-up Moves: Tackle, Leafage, Growl
EM/MT Moves: Confuse Ray
TM/HM Moves: Steel Wing
Bio: Leif was named in memory of Rorik's former Lab assistant, who passed away in a nuclear raid during the war between Heiml and Saigo. Leif Otisson was the owl's first owner, but released it just in time to avoid disaster, and sent it to meet Rorik and join him so it could escape his fate. However, the catastrophic event left Leif traumatized, and the Grass-Type became a loner, unable to trust humans after what they did to its original Trainer. He keeps to himself at all times, and often cries in silence, mourning his loss. As a result, Rorik finds it extremely difficult to bond with the Rowlet, who is also reminded of his friend's passing every time he looks at Leif...

Nickname: Keb
Gender: Male
Level: 20
Bond: 30
Ability: Justified
Nature: Serious
Birthday: July 30
Ball: Luxury Ball
Hold Item: None
Obtained: Caught in Le Marécage Noir
Level-up Moves: Extreme Speed, Dragon Pulse, Close Combat, Aura Sphere, Laser Focus, Metal Claw, Dark Pulse, Foresight, Quick Attack, Endure, Counter, Feint, Force Palm, Copycat, Reversal, Bone Rush, Power-Up Punch, Swords Dance, Me First
EM/MT Moves: Drain Punch, Heal Bell, Meteor Mash
TM/HM Moves: -
Bio: First belonging to a powerful Knight from the Black Bayou, Sir Bryant, Keb was verbally abused and sold short time and time again by his master. It wasn't until he met Rorik, a kindred spirit who valued peace above conflict, that the Riolu learned the true meaning of bonds between human and Pokemon. Brought together by chance, and sent on an adventure to purge the evil aura infesting the Bayou's residents, the two got closer as they went along, eventually forging an unbreakable connection that even Sir Bryant could not ignore. As a result, Rorik was allowed to keep Keb as his partner, and the two complement one another perfectly - after all, there is no bond more fascinating for Rorik to study than the ultimate power of Aura.

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