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Brave Saix:

With your compliment, the priestess’ face turned an even darker shade of red. She waved her hand in front of her face again, unable to say anything in her humble embarrassment.

“Well, guess I should be goin’,” Samuel Flint stood and stretched, his back cracking like an old tree. “Thanks for dinner as always, Madoka. And good luck to you kiddo, hope to see you around sometime soon.” He gathered up his things, one of which was a large woodcutting axe, and exited the cabin, closing the door gently. Madoka, finished with the dishes, gave you a slight bow and headed to her room. You took her place at the sink to rinse off your Pokemon’s helmet. The warm water flowed calmly from the sink, and you could hear the chirping of Kricketot in the distance. You placed the helmet on the drying rack, and dried your hands quickly with a dish rag before joining your Pokemon in the guest room.

The room wasn’t much, just a bunk bed and desk with a rock salt lamp on it. The lamp was turned on and emitted a soft orange glow. Julian was already curled up on the top bunk, his fluffy tail curled around himself. Jill had taken roost on the underside of the bed, hanging from it upside down. You settled on the mattress of the bottom bunk, both mentally and physically exhausted. Sleep found you quickly…

As you stirred awake, you felt something heavy on your chest. Assuming it was one of your team members, you ignored it at first. Whoever it was, they were really heavy. Like a rock.

“LARV!” Your eyes flew open at the cry. The first thing you saw was a pair of red eyes looking straight into yours. Startled, you tried to sit up, and the heavy thing on your chest jumped off, almost knocking the wind out of you. “TAR!” The small green Pokemon called as it scampered out of your room. Julian peered down from the top bunk, awoken by the commotion. Jill fluttered down from her spot on the bed to you, and she picked something up off of your chest in her small claws. It was a piece of paper.

I’m so sorry but I have to take on a trial this morning. I’ve left some spelunking supplies for you in the main room.

My apologies,
Ishi Madoka”
Although you were a bit disappointed you weren’t going to get the chance to spend the day with the trial captain, you understood she had a job to do. You got you and your Pokemon ready for the day, then went to retrieve the supplies. Next to the door was a pick, some rope, and a helmet bearing what looked to be the family seal,「石」. A note was also placed on top of the gear.

Spoiler: show
“Here are some directions to where I think you can find some great beryl deposits:

-Head towards the shrine
-Take a right
-Go in between the large stones marked with Solrock and Lunatone
-Take a left
-Either enter the caverns or scale the nearby cliff to the outcropping. Keep an eye out for wild Pokemon!

Ishi Madoka”



The worries that came to your mind did not dissuade you. Remembering an important item in your backpack, you sprang into action. Glasspine looked relieved that you seemed to have an idea. He listened to your instructions readily, though seemed a bit worried about hitting his friend in the face. Closing his eyes in a wince, he reeled his small claw back and drew it sharply across Tori’s face. The Nidorina pulled her blue claw to her cheek, though her eyes still looked dazed. The mushroom she was holding tumbled to the ground, and Glasspine loyally snatched it up. Your Sandshrew knew what the next move was, and in one swift motion he tossed the mushroom your way, and delivered a Poison Jab into the side of the Parasect. It hissed angrily and turned towards its assailant.

You retrieved your Blue Flute successfully and brought it to your mouth. Skillfully, you played the tune made to awaken sleeping Pokemon, keeping your eyes on Tori. Her ears twitched again, but this time she looked up, alert. The song seemed to have snapped the remaining Roselia out of the trance as well. The three of them huddled together, fearful of what they had just experienced. The mushroom’s influence still held some of the Roselia, who were lined up waiting for their new master’s orders. Feeling that Tori was ready, you called out to her to use Sludge Bomb.

“Parasss!” The Parasect ordered, then swiped at your Sandshrew with a Scratch. A mind-controlled Roselia immediately dove out in front of the Parasect, saving it from the toxic substance that Tori had released from her mouth. It was Super Effective, and the Roselia soon fainted with a groan. The group of uninfected Roselia cried out in horror, hiding their faces in their roses.

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