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It was finally an off day in Heather's Base. Everything was built, moved in, and sorted, and finally, she could take some time to relax in her large, plush bed knowing this place was one less thing to worry about on a daily basis. This was the life: having a sanctuary to call home, without the stresses of Pokémon Center rooms and what have you. Also, having a house hidden away in a giant thundercloud? What's not to like about that as an Electric Type user?

Outside, once Keith found his way to the door, Anion's knocking prompted a small camera over the door to focus on the entourage before it with a soft whirring noise, until it finally declared in a robotic drawl eerily similar to that of a Kanto Pokedex's:

"Recognized: Keith Masters. Please hold."

Back inside, the intercom relayed this same message to every room in the Base, Heather's included, prompting the young lady to sit up immediately, an Alolan Vulpix quickly making its way into her arms, startled by the intercom's sudden announcement. Heather quickly descended the stairs and closed the door to her bedroom behind her before making her way to the front door and hitting a switch, prompting the door to open, as Grace came down the hallway from the Living Room, stopping beside her Trainer with a wave. Heather greeted her guests with a warm smile.

"Pleasure to see you here, Keith! Come in, come, come!" she said cheerily, before noticing the little one by both their feet. "Oh! I see you got yourself a Minun! Quite the adorable one, too!" she added, giving Anion a small wave and stepping aside. "Anyhow, make yourselves at home! Family room's the second left, kitchen's the first right. If you're looking to keep the little ones busy, playroom's the second right." she explained. Danni, still comfortably in Heather's arms, gave a small yawn, closing its eyes and going to sleep, prompting Heather to stroke the Alolan Vulpix's head.
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