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Originally Posted by Brave Saix View Post

As the motley crew of Pokémon set off on their trek, the path is framed by many tropical trees. Some bear berries, others simply flowers. It isn't long before young Monty begins to sing a tune and dance around the group as they walk. Éclair soon joins, humming along as he sings, a bright smile upon her face. Noticing that Mille is simply walking along, Monty walks over and trys to prod her into joining only to be knocked several feet forwards by the fuzzy quadruped. He rights himself undeterred and resumes his dance.

Sometime passes and the troupe finds themselves just under the cloud line surrounded by a field of flowers covered in a light mist. Monte, indulging himself walks over and jumps along into one patch. Startled, a flock of Flabébé fly off to safety. Trying to keep Monte close at hand and fearful of what his devil-may-care attitude could cause, Éclair orders Mille to stick to the path. Rushing out into the field she catches him. Stretching as she catches her breath she looks out across the field where she is met with four glowing red eyes starting at her through the mist.

Do you investigate or continue along the trail?

The three young Pokemon enjoyed the scenery in their own way as they made their way down the path. Eclair looked over the trees in awe, enjoying the very different scenery from her old home in Glittering Cave. Monte sang in a childish voice a song Athena often played and copied how his trainer danced, holding his shed skin as if mimicking her skirt. Eclair joined in, and Mille simply enjoyed the fact that Monte was leaving her alone.

That is, until he jumped right in her face, singing a high note. Mille stuck a front paw out, making contact with the Lizard Pokemon's stomach and sending him tumbling. Brat... She thought. Monte giggled and resumed his merrymaking.

As soon as Monte spotted the flower field, he knew he had to run through it. He wondered if he could jump into the mist like a pile of leaves and have it scatter everywhere. Eclair saw the plan form in his mind a bit too late, and missed trying to grab his arm as he took off laughing.

"Monte! Look what you did!" Eclair scolded as the flock of Flabebe fled. She gave one near her an apologetic look, though it just turned its face in disgust and took off. "Stay here Mille, let me go get him... Monte we need to stick together! You can't just go running off like-"

Eclair had stopped where she stood, putting herself in front of Monte protectively. Monte, blissfully unaware of what could be hiding in the mist until this moment, cowered behind the Mawile. Eclair was unsure of what they had come upon, but knew she had to keep Monte and Mille out of danger no matter what. She turned and bared the fangs of the mouth on the back of her head, an instinctive move intended to Intimidate.

"W-who are you?" Eclair cursed herself silently for her voice shaking. "We'll leave if you want, just show yourselves!"


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