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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
As he wandered through the Cloud Forest with a Pokemon he wasn’t sure was real, Muyo questioned whether or not he was really back in the Cloud Garden, a place he was sure he would never return to. Much like the name of the forest he was in, Muyo’s mind was clouded, a feeling left behind by the old regime of Fizzytopia. It had been said that the old rulers often ground up Amoonguss spores in the recipe of their candy distribution, but that was a story for another day.

DeKlars the Dhelmise continued to think up ways to assert its actual existence to its trainer, who was still busy contemplating whether or not he really was back in the Cloud Garden. The trees of the Cloud Forest stood tall and proud, just as they had all those years ago, while a nest of Pidove chicks chirped in the branches above, a premonition of a brighter future for the next generation. This daydream-like state carried on for a short while until Muyo was suddenly snapped out of it by a loud “THWAP!” sound.

Looking ahead up the path, Muyo spotted a small clearing in the forest, where a bird with reddish feathers was whacking away at a tree trunk, using a long leek in a sort of Kendo stance. “What the duck is going on here,” he wondered to himself, observing the unusual Pokemon. The Farfetch’d was most certainly abnormal; its plumage much redder in color than a normal one with the three crown feathers on its head an even darker red than that. There was also a cross-shaped scar on its cheek, right next to its bill. The leek in its wing had an unusual appearance as well; the sprout seemingly upside-down as if it were a reverse-leaf leek.

Muyo heard the crunching of footsteps coming up from behind him. It was a burly lumberjack with a thick red beard and all of the traditional clothes you would expect. “Greetings there, m’name’s Samuel,” he greeted, extending his hand, “Looks like you’ve found the rurouni Farfetch’d. We call him Kennegi. Rumor has it that he was defeated pretty badly higher up the mountain, so he’s come down here to train. Ever since then he’s been looking for sparring partners in order to hone his skill and get his revenge.” As if on cue, the Farfetch’d turned to face the two trainers, looking at them expectantly. It was up to Muyo whether or not he wanted to accept this challenge.

Just as Muyo convinced himself that he must be dreaming and that it was time for a hard pinch to try and wake up a sharp cracking sound rung out from deeper in the woods. The low buzz of the omnipresent life of the forest suddenly stopped, as if holding its breath to see what would happen next. The sound came again, but this time it was followed more quickly by another similar sound and it started to take on a repeating rhythm. The forest seemed to exhale as passive life took back on its natural routine, but Muyo was not prepared to simply let it go at that. "DeKlars, stay out of sight..." he said in a quiet tone as he followed the sound forward toward a clearing, before adding "Well... I guess that's natural for you, right?" which prompted the floating anchor to spin its compass again.

Creeping carefully down the path, finally Muyo came upon a clearing and ascertained the source of the racket- a fairly small Pokemon (at least small in comparison to the anchor floating behind him) was brandishing a leek against a tree as though it was practicing swordplay. The peculiar sight set Muyo aback slightly, but as he emerged from cover and approached he saw the ducklike Pokemon actually seemed to be using the flat of his leek to strike rather than the more natural curve. As Muyo was about to greet the curious creature he spun round in response to the crunch of leaves behind him, a Pokeball leaping from his belt to his hand in a smooth, practiced motion. It seems some things could never be forgotten no matter how much time passed.

Instead of the expected threat, a stoutly built but friendly seeming woodsman introduced himself and extended his hand. Muyo took hold of it and gave it a firm shake, "Nice to meet you Samuel, I'm Muyo... I hope you'll forgive my jumpiness, it's been a while since I've had any real human contact." The fellow seemed to take this in stride and proceeded to fill him in on the a bit of backstory of the red-tinged Farfetch'd in front of him, but it came down to two key points. Firstly, the "swordsman", for want of a better word, wanted to battle. Secondly, there was something that might pose even more of a challenge up the nearby mountain. Here was adventure again at last!

"All right then Kennegi, I'll be your opponent." Muyo answered, turning to face the diminutive duck with Pokeball in hand and released Yon Elekid onto the grass. The typing would be quite challenging for Kennegi to deal with, but it still seemed a bit more fair than fighting a duck with a giant fire breathing dragon. Besides, something about his opponent made Muyo think that perhaps fire might conjure up some bad memories for him. "Yon Elekid, he's packing a leek so you know he's looking for a chance to use it. Leer to throw him off his game, then hit him with a Thundershock. Finally, set up a Barrier to blunt those blows a bit."
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