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After arriving at the Cloud Garden you are drawn to the beautiful Starline River. The day couldn’t be more perfect, between the scent of flowers being carried in on the breeze, the bright sun the sky, and the lush grass beneath your feet you are in a state of pure bliss. Mimi would have been very worried about you had you left her behind so you decided to use this day as an opportunity to bond since the setting couldn’t be any better. Kicking off your shoes and placing your feet into the clear water you begin to play with Mimi, bouncing her up and down in the water.

Taking a quick break for a snack, you look out across the river and notice a group of children playing with a Rattata and it makes you smile to see how much fun they’re having. The joy you feel, however, is suddenly interrupted by a brief high pitched yipe coming from beside you. The first thing you notice is that Mimi had decided to go into the river on her own, fortunately the river is steady so at least she won’t be swept off anywhere. But upon closer inspection Mimi’s face is showing that she appears to be in pain. You pick her up out of the water and along with her comes a tiny Wishiwashi that is attached to her bum. It appears to think that Mimi is food. Before you have time to really process that you should probably do something about the Wishiwashi you suddenly hear a scream coming from behind you! You quickly turn your head toward the source and see a little girl covered in dirt, crying, and looking terrified while being chased around by a Minccino with an angry look on its face. It would seem that the little girl may need some help but you’re a bit tied with with the Wishiwashi situation Mimi is enduring. What will you do?
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