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((Looking for a fresh new start, as far away as possible from the old days. Is it possible to deactivate the MarbleZone account?))

Trainer Name: Rorik Pine
Starter Pokemon: Munchlax, Male (Ability: Thick Fat; EM: Zen Headbutt)
Spoiler: show
"Is your decision final?"

The booming voice, imposing and filled with authority, came from the man that Rorik - as well as the rest of Heiml - admired the most. Gottfried Haraldson, the Champion of Heiml for over three decades, had personally come to his Lab to ascertain Rorik's motivations.

"Indeed, my decision is final," replied the Pokémon Professor of the world's northernmost region. He'd given this too much thought to back out now, even in the face of the Norse God. "It is the only way to validade my research. I promise I will make you all proud."

The gigantic elder with the daimonji-shaped beard scoffed, but in his eyes Rorik could see Gottfried's silent respect. Not a man of words, the Champion merely ended up nodding and holding out a calloused hand from the confines of his crimson robe.

"... Heimlan stubbornness. I understand."

Rorik smiled; he knew Gottfried wouldn't oppose him, even if leaving Edda City's Pokémon Lab meant Heiml would be left without its titular Professor. He'd gone back and forth on the idea countless times over the past months, but in the end, he couldn't ignore his heart's cry.

I am a Pokémon Professor who's dedicated his life to the study of bonds. How can I claim to be an expert in this matter if I never experience the power of these links myself? Books, articles, studies... they are the foundation of my research, but can never be its backbone by themselves. My theories cannot be validated by anyone other than myself; I will witness and record the effects of these bonds between Man and Pokémon, and in doing so, will put the the Heiml Region on the forefront of the scientific community!

Gottfried turned around and prepared to leave. He, too, had a purpose to fulfill - a new challenger had defeated the Heimlan Elite and awaited the Champion at the top of Caer Valheim. One named Levin, from the region of Fizzytopia - the same region Rorik now intended to explore in his field research.

"The people of Heiml are with you. North wind guide you, Professor Pine." With that, Gottfried left.

With the Champion's blessing, everything was finally in order. Rorik, twenty-eight-year-old man of science, was ready to take his work outside the walls of his Lab for the first time in his life.


"This is it..."

He'd taken longer to pack up than he'd anticipated. It was bad luck to start things off with such a childish miscalculation...
The eastern outskirts of Edda led to the famous King's Road, a stone path carved through the abundance of golden-leafed auranea, a species of tall bush with grew only in Heiml. King's Road, they said, was as beautiful as it was potentially dangerous - Pokémon, too, were drawn to the golden allure of the area, and many lingered beneath the gorgeous foliage, concealed from human eyes.

"Wait, it's dangerous to go alone!"

The familiar voice and equally familiar trope made Rorik roll his eyes in annoyance.


The Professor was soon joined by a blonde-haired young man, taller and more muscular than him, but with strikingly similar complexion. Erik Pine - Rorik's younger brother and Heimlan Gym Leader - had come to say his final goodbyes as well, it seemed.

In a way, Erik was everything that Rorik was not. Handsome, athletic, impulsive and naturally cheerful, the younger Pine brother had never been one to waste time with books. Rorik, in turn, was far from outspoken or spontaneous; if anything, he often overthought things before he acted, and much preferred the isolation of his Laboratory. Which was why, when he'd told Erik he was leaving on a journey of his own, his brother had reacted with equal parts disbelief and excitement.

"Well, seems you're actually gonna go ahead with this. Sure you won't die or anything?"

"Not in my immediate plans, brother," dryly replied Rorik. Talks of getting himself killed certainly didn't help his case at such a critical moment. "I'll stay in touch."

"Hey, before you go. There's something I was asked to give you," said Erik as he retrieved something from his pocket. "You'll never believe who entrusted this to me!"

Guessing games with no leads had always annoyed Rorik. He was a man of rational thought, not a gambler. His predictable silence caused Erik to laugh audibly, before opening his palm to reveal a small red-and-white sphere.

"A PokéBall?..."

"Someone came over yesterday. Not just anyone, mind you... it was our Champion! Freaking Gottfried was at our doorstep," beamed Erik. He'd always idolized the undefeated Norse God. "He knew you were leaving; that's why he handed me this Ball, but he told me only to give it to you when I was absolutely sure you intended to go ahead with this. Seems you are, so... here."

Rorik twirled the PokéBall in his fingers, lost in thought. A Pokémon from the Heimlan Champion... he wasn't worthy! And why hadn't Gottfried given him the Ball back when they'd met at the Lab? Did he still doubt his resolve then?

If so... I'll prove him just how serious I am about this. I'll show everyone! My theories, my life's work, I will validate them all. Just you wait!

"North wind guide you brother," concluded Erik, grinning as he spread his arms.

The two siblings exchanged one last silent hug, and at long last, everything was in place. The story of Professor Rorik Pine was about to begin!


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