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Origins of a Keeper

This is a record of my Fizzy Bubbles registration post, which can be found here.

Name: Tate

Starter: Lv. 5 ♀ Eevee ("Kahakai")

Miscellaneous: Tate was born just east of New Bark Town, at the base of the hills where Route 29 turns into Route 46. For a time, Tate lived in Azalea Town, working as a volunteer at the local Pokémon Center and attending classes in the nearby city of Goldenrod. It was during this time that Tate -- a restless 20-something -- and Kahakai met.

Every morning on the way into the city, Tate would pass by the Pokémon Daycare. The site, popular among trainers as a place to breed Pokémon, had seen a large number of captive-bred hatchlings released into the surrounding area over the years. Populations of feral Pokémon -- especially traditionally rare, popular, and all-too-often non-native species -- had exploded.

Kahakai was wrested from a trashcan near the outskirts of Goldenrod City, near the treeline that separates the urban center from the southwestern coast. Initially skittish, the Pokémon desperately fled capture, turning a well-meaning rescue attempt into a comedy of errors. Ultimately, Tate would return home splattered in mud and refuse, a straining Eevee wrapped in a sweatshirt complicating the lengthy trek through Ilex Forest.

Kahakai has a minor hip dysplasia, a condition which has become increasingly common among captive-bred Pokémon due to the limited genetic diversity within captive breeding populations. Tate and Kahakai spend a great deal of the time at the beach, where Kahakai can enjoy the low-impact environment of the sea, and find relief from the pain. Tate intends to evolve Kahakai into a Vaporeon, so that she can better find deliverence from her condition.

Recently accepted into a program of study on the Alolan islands, Tate -- along with Kahakai -- set sail from Olivine, and was bound for Ula'ula when their ship was overtaken by a storm and capsized. Having miraculously survived, the pair have mysteriously found themselves in the strange land of Fizzytopia; a region not found on any map. With only each other and the contents of Tate's backpack to rely on, they must now either find a way back home, or make a new life for themselves.

Fun facts:
* 'Kahakai' is an Alolan word meaning 'sandy shore.'
* Tate plans to become a Pokémon ecologist.

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