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(OOC: Updated my Member's Post with Ami's bio, since I apparently hadn't done that yet. Figured it might be somewhat important)

If there was one thing Ami wasn't expecting, it certainly wasn't a sudden whirlwind of activity sparked by her appearance- or to be standing around in a towel, for that matter. Still, the older girl that lived here seemed determined to make her feel at home, though, and she wasn't about to turn down this kind of hospitality.

"I, u-um... thank you," she managed to say through her still lingering surprise. "Y-you really didn't have to do all this for me..." Her thoughts took a more practical turn, as she ried to find ways to lessen the burden that the pink-haired lady had thrown herself into carrying. "You wouldn't happen to have an electric dryer, would you? I doubt this rain will let up soon enough for sun-drying to work..."

Her dewpider, for his part, had leapt off his trainer's shoulders and scurried towards the TV to observe to weird image box. Why did the thing's in it move and change so much...?

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