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Kawaii shot up from her seat sketching on the couch, disturbing Frighya who was on her lap as she watched T.V. Her skitty across the couch yawned and swished her tail while the purloin sat there with a smirk. Kawaii raced over to the door and opend it to see Amicae standing out in the rain. Her brow furrowed and she bekoned the trainer in. "You must be frezing, my goodness!" the pinkette exlaimed. "Hang tight right there." She heald up a hand and rushed into the house. "Little Miss! We need warming tea STAT!" she shouted as she dashed to the bathroom to grab a towel. The female trainer heard a buzz of wings and claws on hard-wood as the Ledyba and her headier friend went to work. She rand back and wrapped the new trainer up in the towel. "There, and I had some of my pokemon make some tea for you." She paused and examined the stranger "You look about my size, you could wear some of my clothes until yours are finished drying." she mused to herself.

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