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""Mai mai, Minun mai!"

Keith gave a small sigh/chuckle as he followed the source of this voice- Anion, his Minun, had taken it upon herself to lead the way along the winding mountain trails, despite not knowing which way she was going. The only reason Keith wasn't objecting outright was because she happened to be getting it right.

"Anion's sayin' it's dat way," Meowth translated, rolling his eyes. "But youse knew dat already, didn't ya?" he added.

"Yep," Keith nodded. "Relax, Meowth- if Anion starts going the wrong way, I'll tell her. Besides, we're almost ther- uh, Anion," he added, as the Minun made a sharp left. "Anion?"

"Mai?" said the Minun, looking back at Keith.

Keith pointed at the very obvious and huge cloud surrounding the tallest peak. "That way," he said.

"...Mai Minun," Anion replied, hastening to lead the way up the correct path.

"She said 'I knew that'?" Keith asked Meowth.

"Yer good at dis," Meowth replied dryiy. "So Heather- she's da one wit da talkin' Emolga, yeah?"

"That's the one," Keith nodded. "This is some spot for a Secret Base, though," he remarked, eyeing the big cloud up ahead. "Never would've thought of using a big cloud as a house."

'Dis from da guy wat practically built a mansion on a dead tree," retorted Meowth.

Keith gave a small chuckle at the mention of his former home, though before he could comment on that, he saw what lay ahead. "Ah, looks like we're here," he grinned- indeed, they had reached their destination, Keith's Minun already knocking on the steel door.

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