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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post

The sound of your voice calling out to your Pokemon did not seem to faze those involved in the ritual. However, you saw your Sandshrew’s ears twitch slightly at the mention of his name. He still seemed to be quite fixated on the Parasect leader, who was directing the next Roselia in line. Glasspine’s eyes were intently focused on the orange mushroom in the Roselia’s flowered hands, following it from the ground to the Grass type’s mouth.

“…double team!” The yellow Pokemon snapped to attention at the mention of the move. He looked around, unsure of how he had gotten to where he was. He noticed you, a look of relief washing over his face. Although he had missed your previous instructions, he wasn’t ready to let you down. Glasspine jumped away from the circle to start his attack. He began moving quickly, gradually increasing in speed, which made some of the Roselia’s heads turn. The Sandshrew reached top speed, and the watching Roselia were shocked at the illusory copies that appeared. The Parasect seem to falter a bit from the distraction, but ordered the Roselia to finish eating the mushroom. Glasspine began to slow down, the illusory copies fading from view. He looked towards you, expectantly, for the next instruction. Instead, he heard you call out to your other partner, Tori. She seemed to be still deeply influenced by the Parasect’s scent. Although you did see her ears twitch at the mention of her name, it didn’t seem to be enough.

“Sand!! Sandshrew!!” Glasspine called, shaking the Nidorina back and forth to try to get her out of the trance. Tori merely wobbled back and forth with the Sandshrew’s pushing, her eyes still looking glazed-over. Glasspine worriedly shook her again, and looked towards you, feeling helpless as she began to lean over to pick the next mushroom.
Alex was officially worried. His calls appeared to be falling on deaf ears as both Glasspine and Tori were under the aromatic trance, the Sandshrew focused on the mushroom in the Roselia's...hands, so to speak. Alex knew inwardly he should have been a little more direct with commands rather than attempting to sway opinion, but to his mercy the ground type appeared to snap out of the stupor at the call of double team. Looking around, the shrew noticed Alex, relieved to see a familiar face after being in a trance, as Alex reciprocated the attention with a thumbs up.

Taking the call, the mouse began to dart around swiftly, creating illusive copies of himself in attempts to distract. It seemed to have some effect, the trainer noticed, as the Roselia appeared shocked at the events and even the Parasect hesitated a little, but alas it was for naught as the insect motioned towards the Roselia currently feeding and urged to to finish, the grass type too falling under the effects of the fungus. Looking back at Alex, Glasspine waited for the next order, but Alex could only give him a shrug as he called to the Nidorina, whose much larger ears twitched, but didn't come out of the trance. Growing even more concerned, the Sandshrew called at her, shaking her about, but to no avail, and what was most certainly worse, it appeared it was her turn for the mushroom, as the poison type reached out to pluck it...

Alex wasn't in a panic, however, but rather frustrated with himself. Was the lack of proper time spent with her the cause of the disobedience? No, certainly not, it had to do with that Parasect, and the mushroom that controlled it. He felt calling out to her wouldn't achieve much, and with time running out very quickly, it was only a case of drastic measures. Fortunately, he had a plan as he swung his backpack round and began rooting inside, while pointing to the parasitic insect.

"Glass, no time to explain! Smack Tori in the face and take that mushroom from her with some thievery, then fling it over to me so I can get a closer look at it! Once she's free of it, I want you to turn to that Parasect and strike that big mushroom on his back with poison jab! That's clearly doing something to her, and maybe some physical action will snap her out!" Rummaging, Alex found what he was looking for: a glass flute with a blue tint, with a special note that can awaken almost anything in a slumber. He figured this entrancement was similar, so by playing the flute he could hopefully waken her, perhaps some of the Roselia, and try and coordinate an assault on the Parasect. He wasn't going to stop there, however, for the moment the Nidorina returned to sanity he'd bark at her to slam the mushroom with sludge bomb and disable to try and stop that aromatherapy in its tracks.

And if all else failed and the poison pokemon did devour the mushroom, he'd immediately go from driving the Parasect away to ordering its execution. Nothing was taking anyone from him again.
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