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“日本語は上手ですわね!” The trial captain placed a hand over her mouth and giggled again. Lulu panted a bit and wagged her tail, taking joy in her trainer’s happiness. “You are of course welcome to stay the night, we have plenty of space for traveling trainers. I just finished up with dinner, so you are welcome to that too!”

Glad to have a safe place to rest your heads, you followed Madoka to the cabin, which was settled snugly under a large outcropping of rock. A Lunatone floated slightly above the ground outside the door of the cabin, acknowledging you with a resonating “Luu…” Madoka gave it a soft pat, this must be one of her Pokemon as well.

She opened the door for you, and you were greeted by warmth and the smell of something savory. You could see that your Passimian’s mouth was already watering. A long wooden table was in the center of the front room, six matching stools surrounding it. A large pot of something steaming sat in the middle. One seat was taken by a large man with a strikingly red beard. He gave you a friendly nod as you sat at one of the stools, and slid a bowl your direction.

“Evenin’ traveler,” he greeted. You peered into the pot on the table and discovered it was filled with chowder, large chunks of potato and carrot floating on the top. After serving you and your Pokemon some, Madoka took a spot at the table. The three of you enjoyed the meal, Madoka and the man mostly chatting about the weather, the area, and what kind of Pokemon they thought needed more suppor. As you finished the last chunk of potato in your bowl, the man asked you a question directly.

“So what brings you here, young’un?” There were bits of chowder stuck in his beard, but he didn’t seem to notice. “I didn’t see you around for my trial”

“No, he told me that he was looking for some stones in the area,” Madoka answered for you. “Beryls, right?”

“Heh heh, luckily you’ve found the best darn miner around,” the man heartily chuckled. Madoka blushed and waved her hand frantically.

“Samuel, you know I’m just an apprentice. おばあさん was so much better than I’ll ever be.” Madoka said as she began clearing the dishes from the table. “Sypher-san, if you’d like, I’d be happy to show you some places where those gemstones will probably be. Although it might be fun to do some adventuring on your own!” She let out a short yawn. “Let me know in the morning though, ok? Your room is the last one on the right.”
"A miner, priestess, and a cook?! You, miss, are quite a talented girl!" Sypher said smiling as Madoka yawned. "I'll let you know what I've decided in the morning. Have a restful sleep. Jill. Julian. Let's start getting ready for bed. Hand me your helmet Julian and I'll clean it out for you. In the mean time, you two go on to the room."

As the Noibat and Passimian walked sluggishly to the back of the cabin, Sypher ran a bit of water to clean Julian's helmet. "I gotta give him props for resourcefulness, using this thing for a bowl. I just wish he would try and clean it after he does though. He hates when I have to fix the his gunked up hair." He set the coconut shell in the drainer to air dry over night before he himself caved into his exhaustion and stumble in to a bedroom.
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