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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
Third time's the charm after all, and Alice Hope had returned for a Pokemon that she had spotted the last time, but had been unable to claim along with her beloved Zoey. It was the second, common, unusual choice of hers, and the young woman's footsteps were brisk to return to the habitat she had found him in. There he was! She was both relieved and disappointed, but at least now the water type would gain the love he deserved.

"Hey, little guy. I'm really, really, really sorry I left you here the last time." Alice said, and she damn well meant it. Her heart already tugged with guilt, but now she had a single Poke Ball just for him, and $30 well spent from her bank. Blue eyes shimmering with hope, Alice continued, "But I haven't stopped thinking about you. And I was thinking, if you'd be okay with it, you could come home with me! I even have another water type who'd love taking little baths and adventures with you. What d'you think? I'm not a bad catch if I say so myself."

A young male staffer helps you complete your adoption paperwork. The Krabby sat crouched on the counter, pincers still and raised, watching all the small motions made between the two of you as the transaction was completed. You sign your name with a small flourish, satisfied with being able to claim your friend, and offered the pen back to the staffer from whence it was received, when a lighting-fast red claw snapped out and seized the writing implement. The staffer yelped, as the Krabby waved his new prize around in the air. Then, perhaps mimicking you, he reaches out, and drags the pen across the paper in a manner similar to an immitation human writing, leaving a scribbled line in his wake. The staffer laughs.

"I guess he's adopting you," he said, as he picks up a rubber stamp, imprinting the page with a large, red APPROVED. "Congratulations."

Adoption of Lv. 01 (M) Krabby confirmed.

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