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Le Cimetière des Cœurs Oubliés

”I don’t recall having heard such a rumor,” Amelie says, with great sincerity. She blinks at you, with a dull curiosity, and a wry smile plays at her lips; it seems you’ve struck at something. Yuki wraps her arms around her mistress in an eerie manner as Amelie asks, “Are not all of lovers tragic?”

She sighs, bitterly; it’s unbecoming of a young lady so she sweeps away such behaviors, and pulls Yuki to her bosom, as a girl clutches a doll. She gives you a piteous look, and it seems her demeanor has softened somewhat. “I suppose it doesn’t matter why you are here, Mister Balmund. You shall never leave. It’s a terrible pity you did not dress more warmly. You’ll find a few corpses freshly interred, but I can promise you very little else.”

She sweeps a hand through the air, and it draws the focus away from her, and to your surroundings, where you find the architecture of the cemetery has grown quite thin. It looks as though the graveyard could not be more than thirty years old, its structures new and sparsely spaced, with relatively young trees methodically arranged and meticulously maintained; nothing like the overcrowded and unkempt tangle of morbid debris you had entered. It becomes apparently that Amelie knows something -- perhaps a great deal -- about the strange goings on around you, though she seems genuinely apologetic about them. The dissonance in her behavior is genuinely unsettling.

What will you do?
Duke observantly turned side to side as he witnessed the graveyard revert back to a state less worn by the passing of time, and less cluttered by the housings of the dead. His eyes narrowed; it was exactly as it was forshadowed by the picture earlier, and he wondered if any, if not all of this, was the Frosslass's doing. Amelie's words echoes in his head, what exactly did she mean when she said he would never be able to leave, or, perhaps most importantly, why? Rather than jump into conclusions, perhaps it was wisest to try and draw out more answers in order to paint a clearer picture. He wasn't sure how much time he would have left in this regards.

"If by spending the rest of my days here means to bask in the presence of your beauty for eternity, then I suppose worser fates could've befallen upon me." Duke returned the same wry smile as he made light of the increasingly growing direness of his situation, always looking for a silver lining in front of adversity. His demeanor shortly turned into a more serious as he addressed her once again. If anyone would know exactly what was going on, it had to be her. Her body language did not go unnoticed by the dragon tamer, who wondered what was she feeling sorry about, better yet, why was she carrying on regardless. "I believe the very least I could ask right now is for a proper explanation, don't you think? Lady Amelie, tell me truly, what is happening right now?"


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