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Round 2: Seeds of Doubt!

Deerling escaped getting burned last time, but he wants to stay that way. It's Double Time for the Season-Savvy Deer...and I mean that literally, because he suddenly splits into two! The pair splits once more, now creating a Team of four to face Pearl! The Bagon first think he's losing his head, but then realizes that's unlikely and figures out that it's a trick. But ramming at them one by one would take to long, so he opens wide in hopes of getting all of them in one shot. He dare not wait for his opponent to pull something, his Dragon power is already unleashed! It 's a powerful Twister that spirals towards the Deerling Doubles...They all freak out and two of them get nailed and vanish, leaving the other two left...The real Deerling was lucky enough he wasn't among the ones that were caught in that mess! Pearl isn't particularly pleased that he missed...

But Deerling is content with the outcome and is looking forward to keeping it up. This time he plans to hinder Pearl someway. The two shuffle a little, and a small Seed appears in his flower. That seed is flung near Pearl's feet. Pearl quickly finds out what it's for when it sprouts and grows at an absurd rate, next thing you know he's wrapped up by a mess of thin, but tough vines! There has to be a way to both break free and do some damage before they Leech something from him, he thinks...And It looks like he found it. He's starting to burn with that familiar Rage again. not only is it Dragon-like, buy fiery too! It manages to singe the vines when Pearl manages to open wide and take aim at one of the Deerling! An expression of total fright can be seen from both of them as a fireball goes for the one on the left...but the attack flies right through. The clone got fired, but the real Deerling remains unsinged! Whew, that was another close call...The Bagon may have missed again, but the Leech Seed is burnt enough that he can just tear it off and set himself loose. He promises that he won't miss next time...

I dunno, he's been having some hard luck lately! Attacks that hit a wide area are best at dealing with multiple or hidden targets.

But don't give up, keep at it and you're bound to find an opening! Let's see how they're holding up.

Deerling managed to avoid getting hurt at all! He's still good to go right now.

Pearl also didn't take any damage. He can also try his best at the moment. His Fire energy can support a couple more of his attacks.

Those are the breaks, and Keluvax is on it. Let's see what they got!
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