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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
As has been the case several times now since the Adoption Center's grand reopening, Keith found himself in aforementioned center to help empty out the overcrowded place. Thus far his contributions consisted of adopting a Tympole and a Vulpix, and now he was back to see what else he would wish to add to his team.

He did not have long to look.

"Huh," Keith remarked, approaching one of the cages. Most notably, its intended occupant wasn't actually occupying it. Rather, it was standing atop the cage, smiling at the approaching Trainer. Keith noted that a few of the bars looked bent out of place, as if to allow something through them. "Broke out, did you?" he asked.

"Mai, maiiinun!" responded the Pokémon, sounding distinctly pleased with herself. She was a small Pokémon, yellow and blue in coloration, and with circular Pikachuesque electric pouches on her cheeks. Chuckling at this Pokémon's spirited attitude, Keith dug out his Pokédex and pointed it at the little creature.

"Minun, the Cheering Pokémon. An Electric-type," said Keith's Pokédex. "Minun dislikes getting wet, so it takes shelter under the eaves of houses whenever it rains. It generates showers of sparks to cheer on its teammates in battle."

"Cool," remarked Keith. He'd seen a Minun before, of course, back when he was helping to test out the Fizzytopia region's Battle Pike, though that one was fighting alongside something called a Plusle. "Heh, it'd be even cooler if you had a Plusle with you-" he began.

"Mai Minun!" interrupted Minun, shaking her head and frowning. "Minun mi, Minun Minun! Minun!"

"Minun's sayin' she don't need no stinkin' Plusle," Meowth translated. "She says she's sick and tired of everyone tinkin' Plusle and Minun oughta be dis automatic package deal when dey're two individual species o' Pokémon and oughta be treated dat way."

"...Wow," Keith murmured. "Well, alright, then," he nodded. "Sorry about that, Minun," he apologized.

"Minun," nodded Minun, calming down.

"Well, you know what, you got a fair point," Keith continued. "I bet you're a perfectly good Pokémon without a Plusle to back you up,"

"Mai mai!" Minun nodded, grinning again.

"Yeah!" Keith grinned back. "I like your spirit, Minun," he stated. "What say you come with us?"

"Minun!" Minun nodded. Without waiting for Keith, she jumped, and grabbed hold of one of his arms. She climbed up said arm, pushed past Meowth (to his mild indignation), and started digging through his backpack. Keith allowed this to happen out of sheer morbid curiosity. Moments later, Minun emerged, holding a still-minimized Fast Ball with her front legs. "Minun! Minun mai!" she declared, dropping the Fast Ball into Keith's hand and pointing at it.

Keith chuckled. "I take that as a yes," he replied. "And it seems you know what ball you want, too," he added, enlarging the Fast Ball. So... as for your name, how's Anion sound?"

"Miiiinun!" cheered Minun in response, before jumping off Keith's shoulder once more, and striking the Fast Ball's button herself. The Fast Ball sucked her in immediately, wobbled in place a few times, and fell still.

"Well," Meowth remarked as Keith grinned at the ball containing his new Minun. "Dis oughta be interestin'."

"I'd say so," Keith nodded in agreement, as he approached the counter, intent on paying for his new Minun.

OOC: Adopting the level 1 female Minun. Putting her in this Fast Ball, nicknaming her Anion, and declaring her Ability to be Volt Absorb. Payment: 30

Tate sat on the floor of the Adoption Center, the pieces of a dismantled kennel spread out in a halo around the trainer. A pair of pliers in one hand, the tired manager worked methodically to try and straighten out the bent bars of the unit's door. The Minun whom had been an escape artist, having freed herself several time from her cage during her time at the facility. During her ventures, she never caused any real trouble for the staff, though she was often found with a pilfered berry or Pokébean in hand. It would have been cute, Tate thought, if she had had a partner in crime; they probably could have gotten featured on the local news with a fluff piece like that. Talk about donation revenue.

The adoption form had said she was now 'Anion'. Tate wondered if there was a 'Cation' in her future. Plucky and cute, she was a charmer, and friendly enough to the staffers, as long as she was respected. Perhaps it was just Tate's bias -- the red hues of Plusle just weren't as chic as the cool blues of a Minun -- but it seemed like a tag-along might just cramp her style. Tate smirked, a little wryly. Holding the door up, the manager deemed the bars straight enough to be functional, and began reassembling the kennel. A lot of trainers would try to make her part of the consummate pair, and Tate had the gut feeling she wouldn't take to it very well. She'd mastered her brand; why did she need to share the spotlight?

It was hard not to worry about where the Pokémon of the Adoption Center went, and what their lives would be like, afterwards. Kennel reassembled, Tate slide it back on the shelf alongside its kin, and began replacing clean bedding and inside, so that it was ready for the next arrival. When the task was done, Tate shut off the lights and closed up the nennel room, stelling out into the front lobby where the manager's office and from desk were. Dropping into the office one last time on the way out the door for the evening, Tate picked up a stack of adoption forms dated with a stick note for that day. Anion's adoption sheet was on top, the name of her new trainer printed along the top: Keith Masters. They'd met before. His squad was a ragtag one, Tate recalled. A bit of a mess; their home was likely a madhouse. Everyone he had with him seemed happy, even if -- or perhaps because -- they were different. Tate smiled faintly.

'Anion' would be fine.

Adoption of Lv. 01 (F) Minun confirmed.

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