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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
TheKnightsFury: Jackson grins at you as you suggest some sort of jumping training for Jormungand, the sparkle within the fisherman's eye suggesting that he has first hand experience of this kind of training. Squeezing his legs gently, he manages to coax Orion to a halt, reaching for his belt once again. This time choosing instead to simply open the ball while it remained in his hand, he watches out on the waters as another Pokemon formed from blazing crimson energy, this one much smaller and more rotund than his Lapras. Jagged spines jutted from the fish' body, and two beady eyes stared back at Jackson, an instant recognition and affection forming there. The Qwilfish swam near Orion, careful not to get too close for fear of pricking the streamlined skin of his partner, and Jackson nods towards Jormungand.

"How about this lady? Have Jormungand try jump through the rings Rigel here will produce using Water Pulse. It'll be tricky at first, I have no doubt of that, but you'll have to egg him on somehow. Magikarp are born jumpers, as you say. However, I'd preach caution not to use this method too much. It can end up being .., unfortunate."

With his instructions given, Jackson once again pats the head of Orion, the Lapras crooning a tone as he once again makes for the center of the lake. It is pretty clear that Jackson wants you to command Jormungand to follow the training regime as you continue to move towards your initial destination, which would no doubt add another wrinkle to the difficulty for Jormungand. There wouldn't be much to do for you as the trainer, but raising a Magikarp was never going to be a task which would be quick and painless.
Jayson was pleased at the fisherman's response to his proposal, maybe he did possess what it took to train the Magikarp. Jackson got straight to the 'point' and released a prickly Qwilfish into the water. Jayson cringed at the thought of being pricked by one of those poison laced barbs, it would surely be excruciatingly painful. The fish would make for a great training partner for Jormungand, although Jayson feared the training might be tough for the simple Pokemon. The Magikarp would require clear and concise instructions, timing would also be key.

Quickly checking around to make sure there were not bird Pokemon getting around, in particular Pidgeottos, Jayson looked over to the Magikarp and gave it orders. "Time to concentrate now Jormungand, I need you to jump with power and finesse. Time yourself, wait for the Water Pulse ring from Rigel, let it rise into the air. Once it seems stabilised, quickly swim down before erupting back up." Jayson left it there, if he went into any further detail the Magikarp would likely not remember half of it.

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