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Originally Posted by Lil'twick View Post

Despite being mad her date was getting interrupted, Kanna did her best to make the most of the trip. She motioned towards the rest of the group at the houses ahead, curious on what resided within the village. Kief barked at Yufi, and then the red-bandanna'd Zigzagoon took charge and led the way towards the village ahead. The trio soon made there way towards the houses, and saw a bustling town square ahead. Various Pokemon could be seen running around, tending shops, or sparing in the middle of the square. A large crowded was gathered, and Kanna extended herself up to see what was going on. She saw a Throh and a Machamp dueling, seeming to try and keep themselves in top shape. A few Meowth were yelling in the crowd, trying to vend concessions for the onlookers to watch. The crowd seemed to be buzzing with excitement.

Returning to Kief and Yuki, Kanna told the two Zigzagoon about the fight going on in the middle of town. It was certainly an interesting thing to watch, but there were other opportunities in the village as well. Suddenly, a Chansey knocked into Kanna, and she started to apologize to the Furret.

"Oh excuse me ma'am I'm so sorry! I'm just in a bit of a rush... Some textiles are being dropped off at the port from the humans and I work at the accessory shop here. If it wouldn't trouble you all that much, could I ask you three to assist me? I'm sure the boss would allow you to take a few spare accessories back to your trainer!" she asked happily, despite running into Kanna first. Her request does seem easy enough, and the items might benefit Jess in the long run.

How does the trio respond?

As the trio advanced towards the town, they soon came upon a bustling community square, full of denizens dashing about their day or sparring with each other, and shopkeeps busking their wares over the din. A particularly large group was gathered round the center, and although Yufi was curious to see what the commotion was, try as she might she couldn't squeeze past the packed congregation. Kanna thus raised herself to full height on her hind legs in order to peer over the crowns of the crowd, spying a Throh and Machamp duking it out, which she relayed to her young companion. Yufi bounced excitedly at the news, and an acquiescing Kanna lifted her onto her head in order to afford a view of the fight. Although she wasn't much keen on violence, she smiled at the small raccoon's enthusiasm over the sport. (She herself was a performer at heart, and perhaps considering the possibility of putting on her own show later on.) Kief, on the other hand, seemed more interested in sniffing the air, keeping an eye on the Meowth circling the throng like hawks, who were hawking concessions for the cheering spectators, hungry for food as much as blood.

At that moment, a large pink ovoid parted the congested party, crashing straight into Kanna and upsetting the totem pole. Fortunately Yufi managed to cling on, although Kanna squeaked in surprise.

"Eek! I'm sorry!"

She bowed deeply in apology, despite being the one who was run into. The blundering blob quickly exclaimed an assuring "excuse me ma'am" in return, to which Kanna sputtered a bit in startled indignation.

"M- ma-am?"

She paled in embarrassment, turning as rosy as the clumsy, carnation-colored creature who collided into her. Sure, she probably appeared of greater age than either of her unevolved comrades, just judging by size alone - but still, did she really look that old?

As she listened to what the Chansey had to say, she perked at the prospect of stylish prizes; although she wasn't much one for fashion, she knew Minchi would love that sort of thing. Beaming politely, she nodded.

"Of course, we'd love to help. Right, Kief?"

Swiveling to the other Zigzagoon, she blinked when she saw Kief snooping in one of the Meowth's shadows, about to stealthily sneak a snack away from the seller's stock. Upon sensing her stern glare, he hastily replaced the item with a sheepish grin, attempting to look as innocent as possible. Kanna sighed and shook her head.
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