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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
Brave Saix: Jonas nodded at your query as to whether the basket could hold extra weight, and your group board the basket, the suspended compartment swinging as you climb aboard. Once the oscillations had ceased, Jonas nods to what seemed to be the lead Drifblim, going by the sash tied to one of it's protrusions hanging underneath. With a deflating cry, the Pokemon begin to ascend, bringing the basket with them. The Atoll slowly but surely sinks away below you, the visual effect of the sea seeming to swallow the modern, chrome finish of the outpost satisfying to watch. The trip itself was rather enjoyable, the wind blowing in your facing managing to counteract the intense sun which glared overhead. Jonas was clearly pretty skilled at what he was doing, expertly adjusting the ropes tied to his Drifblim to account for any gusts or shifts in the wind direction. Matthew simply wore a wide grin the entire way, observing Pokemon and jotting down notes in a small field journal he had produced from within his jacket.

Finally, you manage to reach your destination. Jonas guided the basket towards the edge of one of the many cliffs of the Cordina mountain range, managing to gently drop the basket down to the ground. Matthew is the first to step off, the scientist inhaling deeply as he does so.

"Man, there is something about being away from the Atoll. The natural air feels so much better. Less stuffy."

Jonas seemed to agree, nodding his head and affirming with a grunt. The large man settled down on a nearby rock, crossing his legs and somehow managing to look quite comfortable. Looking towards Matthew, he gestures towards his Drifblim service.

"I can wait here until late evening. You said this should only take a few hours, so I don't mind."

Matthew nods his thanks, before turning towards you. Pulling out a map, he points out a few places of interest.

"Now, the main places I want to see we won't be able to do any actual digging at. I want to visit the Sea Altar to check out some of the architectural work, and then the temple in order to receive permission for my dig site and quiz some of the monks. Your call which of these we do first, of course."

Matthew stands, waiting your input. He was clearly pretty nonchalant about this, happy to let you take the reigns and guide the foray.
Sypher leaned against the leading end of the basket, enjoying the slow aerial tour of the area. It had been several years since he this very luxury in Sinnoh. He looked down to the seascape below and saw the shadow of some school of fish, at that height there was no telling what species formed it. He glanced over to Matthew who was rhythmically writing notes on what ever Pokémon he saw. "He probably knows exactly what it is." Sypher mused. He looked back again, this time straight ahead as the Island grew closer.

Mean while Jill was happily reaching over the basket, swatting at anything she saw. This was actually the first time she had been this high in the air. It didn't bother her in the slightest due to her typing. If anything this was par for the course. Julian on the other hand, was scared stiff, and was huddling at the bottom of basket. At ever slight shift a wave of panic washed over him and he would clamber grab on to what ever he could reach.

The group soon reached the cliff and the baskets touched down. No sooner had Sypher opened the hatch on the basket that Julian rushed out, climbing the closest tree he could find in a panic bid for safety.

"It'll be okay," Sypher yelled hoping to calm the lemur, "the ground is solid and when we head back later you can rest in you ball if you want." He turned to Matthew who quick explained what all they needed to do for the day. "Personally, I say we hit up the village and see about getting the appropriate permissions to dig. Maybe we could also find a guide who would also be willing to shed some extra light on the architecture as well." he said looking then to gather he Pokémon. Julian had slowly worked his was next to Sypher, and Jill was busy climbing around on top of one of the Drifblims hanging her head down in front it's face inquisitively.

"Jill! Don't slap at it!" Sypher yelled as Jill slowly lifted a paw. She heeded his warning before fluttering over to join him as the group set off.
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