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Originally Posted by deoxys View Post
Missingno. Master:

With questions still spinning in your mind about what you had witnessed earlier, as well as wondering where you would be able to pay tribute to the guardian, you decided looking for the forest's residents and caretakers would be your best option.

It didn't take long to reach the small village in the forest. It was a quaint, small town that very clearly respected the natural surroundings it was founded in, looking almost as though it were a naturally formed part of the woods. It was located in an open, meadow-like area, seemingly indicating no trees or wildlife were harmed in its construction, however long ago that may have been. Its walkways were grassy, and the houses and buildings were all made of stone. Walking through its single wooden gate and into the town square felt almost as though you had stepped into a relic of the past.

There weren't many villagers outside, and the few you did pass looked melancholy at best. As was your intent, you approached a villager that had just come out of what you figured was a tavern, and inquired about the flowers, as well as where you could pay tribute to Celebi.

The villager's eyes sagged, and he grimaced. He held a bottle of beer in his hand. It was clear he was intoxicated. "Why dno't yuo go aksh our ALL-KWNOING and suppsoedly brillaint 'MELITTITOLOGISHT' or wahetver shes called... shes gotsh a DEFGREE yuo know... whos knwosh wehre shesh at, and waho caers anyawy..." He seemed aggravated by the thought of the individual he was talking about. "And Shelabi? HA HA. Dnot mae kme laff. Whog ivesh a shit abuotu shome gaurdain taht doest'n geive a shit abuot us?" The man brushed passed you, bumping your shoulder. "Shtupid tourishts... all thye caer abuot ish taht shtuipd pixie BUG..."

It was a bit difficult to understand what the man was saying, but maybe there was something you could do with this information...
It wasn't long before Keith had stumbled upon the small village within the forest. He couldn't help but smile- a charming little town that seemed to have been built with the intention of not harming the forest at all. The buildings were made from stone, the walkways were grassy... it was almost like stepping back in time. Truly a charming town.

Which was more than Keith could say for its residents. He saw few of them, and those that he did see, they had kind of a melancholy air about them. At least, that was what he guessed it to be. Other descriptive terms occurred to him, but melancholy was actually the least negative among them. And then there was the one villager Keith actually did approach- a drunk man who demanded that Keith seek his answers from some sort of "melittitologisht". Whoever it was, he didn't seem very fond of her, Keith noted. Moreover, he seemed to be of the opinion that the villagers shouldn't care about a guardian that doesn't care about them. He walked away, mumbling something about stupid tourists who cared about nothing but that stupid pixie bug.

"...Yeesh," Meowth frowned. "Da place looks nice enough, but da people don't exactly give da best first impression."

"I get what you mean, yeah," Keith nodded. "Hard to understand that guy... well, I mean, it seems like Celebi doesn't actually care much about this place, or at least that's what they perceive it as." He shook his head. "Celebi doesn't seem like the kind of Pokémon to ignore those who need it," he stated. "Maybe something's going on... the guy mentioned something about a melittologist- maybe the answer lies with bee Pokémon?" he speculated out loud.

"Bee Pokémon and flowers kinda go hand in hand," Meowth agreed. "Or... leaf in stinger? I dunno. But yeah- youse might be onta sometin' dere. Where would we find dis melittologist anyways?" he asked.

"Well, let's keep asking around," Keith suggested. "Maybe this time try and find someone a bit less drunk, though," he added with a slight chuckle. He and Meowth continued onward, this time in search of answers to the questions opened up by the drunkard's answers to their previous questions. Who and where was this supposedly brilliant melittologist? What was going on with the flowers? And why did the village and Celebi seem to not have anywhere near the same connection as advertised?

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