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The two gemstones settled on the paper you placed. They went along quite nicely with the other offerings placed at the foot of the largest and tallest rock at the shrine. The top of the boulder was surrounded by a shimenawa, a rope with white, zigzagged rice paper attached to it, meant to bring cleansing to the area. As the sun set, the many rocks surrounding the shrine created long shadows, and everything was bathed in an orange hue.

You and Julian continued to walk through the shrine area, the Passimian trailing behind you a bit, tossing his ball-like berry into the air. The black and white Pokemon was immersed again in the game he had created for himself, seeing how high he could get it in the air.

CRACK! The sudden noise of something hard hitting rock startled you. You looked back at your Pokemon, who had a wide-eyed, guilty looking face. His signature berry seemed to be missing. You gave him a disapproving look, but Julian simply shrugged. Hesitantly, you turned to assess the damage your Pokemon’s keepsake had done. You spotted the berry at the foot of a large statue of a Rock-type Pokemon. You looked over the statue’s clawed paws, hoping the hard-shelled berry hadn’t caused too much damage to what was surely a prized statue. It was certainly well made, created out of some kind of red stone that looked a lot like fur. As you examined the backside of the statue, also incredibly realistic, you heard a low growl. A startled yelp came from your Passimian as the statue moved. You found yourself stepping back in surprise as a white maned head turned towards you, baring sharp fangs.

“ルガルガン!” A girls voice called from the distance. The Pokemon’s floppy ears perked up and it turned away from you. It leapt off the rock it was perched on, and bounded its way over to a small girl that was heading towards you. It almost knocked her over as it placed its large front claws on her shoulders. The girl giggled as the excited Rock-type licked her face. As she got closer, you saw that this girl wore the traditional red and white of a shrine maiden. She raised a hand to you in a friendly wave.

“こんばんは, good evening,” she gave a slight bow. “My name is Ishi Madoka, welcome to the Stone Shrine, Trainer. I see you’ve already met Lulu.” She gave the Midnight forme Lycanroc a scratch on the head. “I’m the trial captain here, if you’d like to pass on to the falls, you’ll have to pass my trial as well as the one in Cloud Forest. Were you interested in the trial? You’ll have two options, taking the trial now as night falls, or in the morning when it’s light out.” She smiled, waiting patiently for your answer.
Sypher eyed Julian as he walked to retrieve the wayward ball. "What the hell man? I though we were packing it in for the day!" He reached the stricken statue and began searching it splits and chips. Eyeing the claws of the statue, he noticed the intricate work that made the crimson stonework appear to have fur. Not noticing any blemishes he move towards the back examining the spikes around the torso. "Well, it doesn't look like it was hurt. It does kinda smell though. Ah, here's you berry. Catch!" He tossed the berry to Julian just as a subtle growl emanated from the statue. "Hmm?" Sypher
blinked slightly confused. "Was that you, Julian?" He then heard Julian shriek. "Okay, that was you," he said walking slowly away from what had become increasingly clear wasn't a statue.

As he moved, the maw of a Midnight Lycanroc meet his with bared fangs. "Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean to bother you! I didn't mean to call you a piece of stonework, not that you wouldn't be a good one if you were.... I ... I..." Sypher felt the old bite marks from years ago tingle on his arm. He thought back to the time that a Houndoom had bitten him with a Fire Fang. The bite marks had been cauterized open by the fire, and true to everyone's fears, the numbing sensation of the burns never faded. He braced himself for the worst.

Then he heard a faint voice. Lowering his guard he noticed that the Lycanroc now stood behind a small, dark hair girl. He pondered who it was before she offered her greetings.

"Oh, you're the trial captain! It is a pleasure to meet you! my name is Sypher!" Sypher said returning her bow before offering his hand. She then inquired if he wished to partake in the shrine's challenge either tonight or in the morning. He chuckled lightly before replying. "ちょと ... 私わ4つ持っていない" and he held out a Quickball and a Pokeball, in his left and right hands repectively. "I would likely lose even if it were a fair fight. This one here belongs to Julian," He raised the Quickball up slightly, "who should really get to apologizing. The other one is for my Noibat, Jill. I'm not really here for the trial, I'm actually out looking for some gemstone. Aquamarine and other Beryl's to be precise. We were just turning in for the evening. Would it be alright if we stay at the cabin here?"
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