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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
Meetan: The girl grinned at the mention of your relative inexperience with climbing, waving one of her hands as if to dismiss the comment.

"Don't worry about that, gal. We can take it slow, the spot I have in mind is kind to beginners."

Giving you a moment to gather your stuff, the girl abruptly pauses, before blushing a deep crimson colour. Chuckling as she fiddles with a loose strand of hair, she addresses you again.

"Actually, I just noticed I didn't even tell you my name. Just came charging over out of nowhere. The name is Lauren. I'm ... sort of? a native I guess. I was born here, but moved away as a kid. I visit family here now and then though, which is why I'm pretty familiar with the place. Though I'm not sure why I'm telling you that. I babble when I get embarrassed, I guess."

Stretching now, trying to dispel some of her embarrassment at her minor blunder, Lauren points to a small outcrop of rocks which you can barely make out in the distance. While areas of the cliff were clearly dangerous to a climber of any experience level, you managed to make out even from here the numerous patches of lower lying rocks, which no doubt dipped into the waters somewhat at points.

"There's where I intend to take you, by the way. Want to race there?"

The infectious cheeriness of Lauren continues to drip from her every action, the girl wearing a wide grin even as she begins to do mock stretches, anticipating your taking up of her challenge.
"Yeah? Thank Arceus for that." Alice laughed as she gathered up her bag. She stuffed her clothes and towel into it after waving off any beads of sand. Unsurprisingly, Lorin seemed disappointed that they weren't sticking to the water, but he knew that they had plenty of time after this jaunt to go back out or enjoy one of the rivers or lakes instead.

"Oh! No worries, I didn't, either. I'm Alice, and the Lotad here is Lorin." She said. Her Pokemon spoke as if he were greeting the pair. Alice wasn't so easily embarrassed, and her charisma and love of chatting normally meant that the more awkward or anxious tended to be drawn to her. She could brush over and chat through most silences and weird moments-- Alice had plenty of her own, after all!

"Aww, man. I quite frankly run like a Piplup or Psyduck on drugs, but if you want to make a run for it I'll waddle pathetically after you to the best of my ability." Alice offered. She did some lazy stretches of her own to loosen up her limbs, although jumping and wading about in the water had done that already. "Ready, set, go?"
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