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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
The Galea Foothills:
The Galea Foothills covers the greatest expanse of land in the Cloud Garden. Beginning with Galea Town, adventurers may follow along the Starline River up across the plains and into the mountain. Other areas include the Starline River, the Rose Garden, Galea Plains, Cloud Forest, and the Stone Shrine. The boundary of the foothills lies at the Starline Falls, a giant waterfall that cascades down from the incline above.

Starline River: A calm river that flows down from the mountain and passes by the village on its way to the lake. The water is crystal clear in the shallower areas, darker in the deeper center. The river makes a great place for picnics and for those who enjoy fishing. (Please reply in skyblue)
Compared to her old surroundings, the Starline River was like its own paradise. The sound of rushing water was refreshing, the aroma of the distant rose garden drifted on a cooling summer breeze. Blades of grass rustled beneath human and Pokemon feet, a soft chime of baby sing-song accompanying the squawks of birds and ruffling of tree and brush.

Mimi, the Mime Jr, hadn't even been out of the adoption centre one month, but she was enjoying their trip very much. It was her first real adventure, and what a location it was, the Cloud Garden! Alice had been contemplating visiting it for the long haul, gossiping about how the legends of a deity might help 'figure herself out', of how the trials sounded intriguing and how in general it sounded like a beautiful place to visit. Sure, she was hardly the toughest little cookie around, but Mimi had not wanted to be left behind and would have worried about her human terribly. What if she got hurt? Alice's stories often involved some kind of clumsy twist or brief tragedy to overcome, after all.

“You okay, pretty girl?” Blue eyes peered down through designer glasses, and the Pokemon beamed up. She was an odd colour like most of the team, more common blue replaced by bright, shimmering greens. In the light of day, Mimi's entire form sparkled like the surface of the river they followed. “Good to know. Okay, I'm getting warm, let's stop for a bit.”

The blonde sat down, pulling off white trainers and thin socks to dip her feet into the clear water. She splashed her legs, bare up until the trim of fraying denim shorts, most of Alice's torso on show in a wrapped bustier cropped top. A bow was tied into it, the end hanging down close to her belly button, and both bracelet and earrings complimented the theme colour. Mimi danced over to Alice's lap, and the Pokemon giggled as her tummy was tickled and her trainer dipped her in and out of the cooling water.

“Here, a snack to keep us going.” Her sugars always bottled it in the heat, and she knew that the walking wasn't going to help. Alice treated Mimi to some berries while she opened a large carton of smooth orange juice, kept cool by the cool bag slotted into the biggest section of her backpack. Mimi cooed her gratitude, hugged comfortably close in one dainty arm as they both admired the Cloud Garden around them. When Mimi had mimicked that small human that day, she hadn't realised that she had charmed her way to such a perfect partnership, and she would not take it back for the world.
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