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TheKnightsFury: Jackson grins at you as you suggest some sort of jumping training for Jormungand, the sparkle within the fisherman's eye suggesting that he has first hand experience of this kind of training. Squeezing his legs gently, he manages to coax Orion to a halt, reaching for his belt once again. This time choosing instead to simply open the ball while it remained in his hand, he watches out on the waters as another Pokemon formed from blazing crimson energy, this one much smaller and more rotund than his Lapras. Jagged spines jutted from the fish' body, and two beady eyes stared back at Jackson, an instant recognition and affection forming there. The Qwilfish swam near Orion, careful not to get too close for fear of pricking the streamlined skin of his partner, and Jackson nods towards Jormungand.

"How about this lady? Have Jormungand try jump through the rings Rigel here will produce using Water Pulse. It'll be tricky at first, I have no doubt of that, but you'll have to egg him on somehow. Magikarp are born jumpers, as you say. However, I'd preach caution not to use this method too much. It can end up being .., unfortunate."

With his instructions given, Jackson once again pats the head of Orion, the Lapras crooning a tone as he once again makes for the center of the lake. It is pretty clear that Jackson wants you to command Jormungand to follow the training regime as you continue to move towards your initial destination, which would no doubt add another wrinkle to the difficulty for Jormungand. There wouldn't be much to do for you as the trainer, but raising a Magikarp was never going to be a task which would be quick and painless.

Jerichi: With the situation having seemingly escalated out of nowhere, you move to follow the frantic man, wanting to help despite the fact you weren't entirely sure that you would. However, he seemed to be certain that a trainer would be able to get the job done, and so you wait for Helen to plod after you and catch up. Just as you make to leave the temple though, Josiah reappears, frowning at your retreating figure. He shouts back at you, holding up the pair of sandals which he had left to retrieve.

"I have your sandals here, sir. Would you tell me what has happened?"

The man, on seeing Josiah, seems to become exuberant. Quickly rushing over towards Josiah, the man manages to garble out something of a story. It seems one of the local monks had gotten into trouble rescuing a local Pokemon from some sort of trap - likely put there by poachers come to the region looking for exotic specimens - but during the rescue attempt he had been attacked by some unknown entity. What- or who- ever the assailant was, they were clearly fearsome enough to have struck terror into the man and left the lost monk in quite a pickle. Josiah frowns at this revelation, before locking eyes with you, handing the sandals to you in the process.

"I am not sure how much you will be able to accomplish given I know little of your prowess as a trainer. Despite this, I must ask you to go and help my brother. I can organise for some back up - most of our brothers are not trainers, but a few of us are allowed to raise Pokemon in order to protect the temple in times of emergency. They are particularly powerful - I only ask that you manage to hold off whatever this beast is until they arrive. I feel ashamed to have to implore an outsider for assistance, but it is the only course of action I can consider in the immediate sense."

Brave Saix: Jonas nodded at your query as to whether the basket could hold extra weight, and your group board the basket, the suspended compartment swinging as you climb aboard. Once the oscillations had ceased, Jonas nods to what seemed to be the lead Drifblim, going by the sash tied to one of it's protrusions hanging underneath. With a deflating cry, the Pokemon begin to ascend, bringing the basket with them. The Atoll slowly but surely sinks away below you, the visual effect of the sea seeming to swallow the modern, chrome finish of the outpost satisfying to watch. The trip itself was rather enjoyable, the wind blowing in your facing managing to counteract the intense sun which glared overhead. Jonas was clearly pretty skilled at what he was doing, expertly adjusting the ropes tied to his Drifblim to account for any gusts or shifts in the wind direction. Matthew simply wore a wide grin the entire way, observing Pokemon and jotting down notes in a small field journal he had produced from within his jacket.

Finally, you manage to reach your destination. Jonas guided the basket towards the edge of one of the many cliffs of the Cordina mountain range, managing to gently drop the basket down to the ground. Matthew is the first to step off, the scientist inhaling deeply as he does so.

"Man, there is something about being away from the Atoll. The natural air feels so much better. Less stuffy."

Jonas seemed to agree, nodding his head and affirming with a grunt. The large man settled down on a nearby rock, crossing his legs and somehow managing to look quite comfortable. Looking towards Matthew, he gestures towards his Drifblim service.

"I can wait here until late evening. You said this should only take a few hours, so I don't mind."

Matthew nods his thanks, before turning towards you. Pulling out a map, he points out a few places of interest.

"Now, the main places I want to see we won't be able to do any actual digging at. I want to visit the Sea Altar to check out some of the architectural work, and then the temple in order to receive permission for my dig site and quiz some of the monks. Your call which of these we do first, of course."

Matthew stands, waiting your input. He was clearly pretty nonchalant about this, happy to let you take the reigns and guide the foray.

Meetan: The girl grinned at the mention of your relative inexperience with climbing, waving one of her hands as if to dismiss the comment.

"Don't worry about that, gal. We can take it slow, the spot I have in mind is kind to beginners."

Giving you a moment to gather your stuff, the girl abruptly pauses, before blushing a deep crimson colour. Chuckling as she fiddles with a loose strand of hair, she addresses you again.

"Actually, I just noticed I didn't even tell you my name. Just came charging over out of nowhere. The name is Lauren. I'm ... sort of? a native I guess. I was born here, but moved away as a kid. I visit family here now and then though, which is why I'm pretty familiar with the place. Though I'm not sure why I'm telling you that. I babble when I get embarrassed, I guess."

Stretching now, trying to dispel some of her embarrassment at her minor blunder, Lauren points to a small outcrop of rocks which you can barely make out in the distance. While areas of the cliff were clearly dangerous to a climber of any experience level, you managed to make out even from here the numerous patches of lower lying rocks, which no doubt dipped into the waters somewhat at points.

"There's where I intend to take you, by the way. Want to race there?"

The infectious cheeriness of Lauren continues to drip from her every action, the girl wearing a wide grin even as she begins to do mock stretches, anticipating your taking up of her challenge.
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