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Enter the Ultra Beast Hunter: Milo vs Guzzlord!

After the incident with Team Catalyst in Hagane City, Jake found himself on the road once more. This time, his destination was set for Amperet City, home to the regional Electric Masters Tournament. At his side, was Telpo, having decided to take the role of navigator upon Sophie's departure.
"Master, I think it would be wise if we were to stop for the night." The Abra chimed. "According to this map...we're just about to hit the village of Tempus, I'd suggest we find an inn once we're there."
"Umm....okay...are you sure?" Jake asked.
"Positive. According to my calculations.....Amperet City is still another four hours away." Telpo explained.
Jake checked his xtransceiver... 9:30pm...Telpo was right, there was no way they were going to make it. Looking ahead, Jake could see the gate to what must have been Tempus Town.
" you have any idea why it's called Tempus Village?" Jake asked as the pair quickly approached the sleepy town.
"Umm..I'm actually not sure. Sorry Master." Telpo apologized. "I didn't plan on us stopping here, so I didn't do any research about it."
"Fair enough." Jake said as the two passed through the open gate. " about we heal up at the Pokemon Center first, I'm sure you and everyone else could use a break..."
"That sounds like a fantastic idea Master, let's get going then." The Abra said before rushing off in search of one.
"Welcome to the Pokemon Center!" A nurse greeted as Telpo and Jake entered. "How can I help you today?"
"Umm...hello." Jake said as he made his way to the counter. "I'd like to have some of my Pokemon healed up." He said as he placed 5 Pokeballs on the counter.
"Certainly. I'll get them healed up right away." The nurse said as she took the Pokemon and placed them in one of the healing machines.
"So..are you tourists by chance?" The Nurse asked.
"Umm...something like that." Jake said.
"Oh...well I guess you've come to see the Celebi statue then?" The Nurse asked. "So, how was it? Or are you planning on checking it out after?"
"Umm, Celebi statue?" Telpo asked. "Never heard of it...what's it about?"
"You've never heard of it? That's odd...that's pretty much the only thing that keeps this place on the map." The nurse explained.
"It's said that the statue was created in honor of the Pokemon Celebi. Legend says that Celebi watches over this place, keeping it safe from any harm. It also says that all who touch the statue will be blessed with a bright future." The nurse finished.
Before anything more could be said, a small ding was heard, letting the nurse know that the healing was done.
"There you are." She said as she gave Jake his Pokemon back. "Have a nice day!"
" too.." Jake replied before exiting the place, Telpo right behind him.
"So Master, are we going to find an inn now, or what?" The Abra asked.
"I-I will....but I kinda want to see the Celebi statue." Jake explained. "I...just need to ask someone where it is.."
"Master, you can't seriously tell me you believe in urban legends...touching a statue isn't going to do anything I can assure you."
"Yeah well....I want to see it anyway." Jake said. "You can book us a room if you're so inclined."
"Uh...yeah I'm actually kind of curious too....." Telpo admitted.
"Then let's get's gotta be around here somewhere...."
After asking around for a bit, the pair discovered that the statue of the time travel Pokemon was atop a hill, overlooking the village.
"From up here, everything looks so tiny." Jake remarked as he made his way up the hill.
"Yes Master, that tends to happen when you get higher in terms of elevation." Telpo replied. "I do admit that it does put everything into perspective, just how small we truly are.
"Yeah....but enough about that...let's see what this statue is all about." The teen said as he ran towards the statue.
It was quite beautiful, Telpo had to admit. It seemed to be kept in good condition, judging by it's brilliant golden shine. It seemed to radiate with the good feelings of people and Pokemon....of all who had come to this very hill, in hopes of a bright future.
"She said you just had to touch the statue in order to receive it's blessing...right?" Jake asked.
"Indeed Master." Telpo said with a nod. "But I can assure you nothing is going to happen.
Without speaking another word, Jake slowly reached out, before placing his hand on the statues head. No sooner had he placed his hand, thick clouds began to envelope the sky. Jake recoiled instantly, before looking at Telpo.

"U-umm...I don't think that was supposed to happen.." Jake muttered, hoping for Telpo to provide a rational explanation.
" might want to take a look in the sky..." Telpo said.
Jake turned his gaze to the sky, and nearly fainted on the spot! The sky began to crack, before a strange portal began to form.
"W-what the hell is that?!" Jake exclaimed.
Suddenly, from the portal a giant, unworldly creature descended, smashing the Celebi statue and causing the earth beneath Jake to shake.
The first thing Jake noticed about the creature, was that it had a huge mouth. It was so big that it took up most of the beasts body! It had two large pincers, which came from it's mouth, prepared to snap up anything it saw! The creature also seemed to be bathed in an orange aura, similar to the one Jake had seen back in Ryuu town.

"W-what even is that thing?" Jake questioned as he whipped out his Pokedex and scanned the beast.
"No data present. Please try again." The Pokedex beeped.
"Huh? W-what's wrong with this thing?!" Jake exclaimed.
"Master, now wouldn't be the time to mess with that!" Telpo shouted.
Indeed, upon seeing the pair in front of it, the beast let out a deafening roar, before making it's way towards them.
"Uh right." He said as he grabbed a cherish ball from his belt. "Ok Sparky, let's go!" Jake exclaimed as he tossed the ball in the air. From the ball emerged the Galvantula, who took one look at his opponent, before turning to face his trainer, a worried look in his eyes.
"J-just what is that supposed to be?!" Sparky exclaimed.
"I-I don't know...but I do know that we need to stop it before it reaches the can help with that..right?" Jake asked.
"Of course I will! You can count on me." Sparky said with a nod, before turning to face the hideous beast.
"Telpo, I need you to stay back. But prepared to Teleport us out....just in case."
"Of course Master." Telpo said with a nod, before floating behind his trainer.

"Alright Sparky, let's start with Thunderbolt, then use Slash!" Jake ordered.
Willing to give it his all, Sparky began to channel electrical energy throughout his body, before firing a wicked beam at his opponent! But the creature seemed to do little more then flinch!
"What?! Is it resistant to electric moves, or is it just that powerful?" Jake wondered allowed.
In a fit of rage, the beast slashed at Sparky with one of it's Claw's, having charged it with Dragon energy.
Not willing to give in so easily, Sparky slashed at the beast with a glowing pedipalp! The beast cried out as the Galvantula scored a direct hit, but quickly recovered. In retaliation, the creature began to gather a large amount of Fire in it's mouth. The beast then Blasted the fire at Sparky, causing the Galvantula to cry out and nearly topple over!

"We can't give up now Sparky! Let's use Signal Beam, then go with Cross Poison!" Jake exclaimed.
Once more Sparky was the first to act! This time the Galvantula began to gather bug energy, before firing it at the beast in the form of a rainbow beam!
It seemed this had much more of an effect then the previous attacks, causing the creature to let out a shriek! But this proved to only anger the beast further!
In a fit of rage, the beast sent out a Pulse of Dark energy! The attack shot past Sparky and Jake, before striking Telpo!
"Telpo, no!" Jake cried out as the Abra fell to the ground. With the Abra out of commission, Jake had no choice but defeat the beast, fleeing was no longer an option. A sudden shriek caused Jake to turn back to the battle, just in time to see Sparky collapse to the beasts terrifying might!
Before he could return the Galvantula to it's ball, the massive creature turned it's attention to Jake. The beast Rushed towards him, it's entire body cloaked in Dragon energy! Jake could only brace himself for the inevitable impact.....
"Flygon Dragon Rush!" A voice cried out.
On cue, a Flygon flew in between Jake and the beast, it too, cloaked in draconic energy! The beast fell back slightly at the attack, before letting out a roar!
"Return your Galvantula......quick!" The voice called out once more.
Jake turned to find the owner of the voice. The person who had saved his life was a woman, who looked to be not much older then him. In her arms she held his fallen Abra.
"Come on....that things not going to stay put forever!" The woman exclaimed.
"Umm...right. Sparky return!" Jake called as he returned the Galvantula to it's ball. Seeing that Jake was ready, the Flygon quickly flew back over to her trainer.
"Hop on, we're getting out of here." She said as she jumped onto the Flygon, before looking back at him.
Jake didn't have to be told twice, and ran towards the Flygon, before grabbing onto it's back.
The Flygon then took to the skies, narrowly avoiding another attack from the strange beast. Angered by their escape, the beast let out shriek, before lashing out at the land around it.....

"Umm.....thank you....for helping me out there." Jake said. "I probably wouldn't have survived if you hadn't intervened..."
"It was nothing...really. I just did what I had to do." The girl said. "But we're not quite out of the woods yet. Flygon, let's land there." She said, pointing to what looked to be an old house. The Flygon obliged, descended to the ground in front of the home.
"Umm....what are we doing? Don't we have to stop that thing?" Jake asked.
"Of course." The woman responded. "But first, I'm sure you're very confused on what's going on." She said as she got off her Flygon. Once Jake had gotten off the Mystic Pokemon, the girl handed him Telpo, before making her way inside.
"Here...let's have a seat." The woman said, pulling out two chairs from the side of the room.
"Umm..ok...but....umm isn't this breaking and entering?" Jake asked.
"Nope..this place has been abandoned for years, it's fine." The girl explained. "Besides, we won't be here for long. "
"Umm...ok so...what's your name? If you don't mind me asking." Jake asked.
"Oh. My name's Robin. It's nice to meet you." Robin said.
"Robin...that's a nice name" Jake said. " you know what that thing was that attacked me?"
"Certainly." Robin said. "The thing that you were fighting was an ultra beast."
"A-an ultra beast?" Jake asked. "What's t-that?"
"I'd like to know sounds interesting." Telpo spoke up, startling Jake.
"Telpo? Since when were you awake?" Jake asked.
"Long enough to know what's going on." Telpo said as he floated out of his trainer's grasp and onto the floor. "I thought it be wise not to scare you while we were in the air."
"You want to know what an ultra beast is?" Robin repeated. "'s hard to explain. Basically they're beings from a different dimension entirely. Most are quite violent, having been ripped from their homes. The one you encountered is Guzzlord, a dark and dragon type."
"W-wait, they come from a different...d-dimension?!" Jake exclaimed. "So....are they even P-Pokemon then?" Jake asked.
"Uhhh...the jury's still out on that one." Robin said. "But I've heard of a case of someone catching them in a special type of, probably?"
"Master, if I may...I don't know if we can trust her." Telpo said aloud. "This sounds very farfetched, all things considering. How would she even know about this anyway? Unless maybe she's with Team Catalyst?"
"You know I can understand you, right?" Robin asked, causing Telpo's face to glow red with embarrassment.
"I-i'm sorry....I just...didn't realize you could understand me...without me using telepathy." Telpo explained. "That was really rude...I apologize."
"It's fine, I understand if you're a bit suspicious." Robin said. "Let's set things straight though, I'm not part of.....Team Catalyst. Second of all, the reason I know about these Ultra Beasts is because it's my job to know." Robin explained.
"I-It's your job to know?" Jake questioned.
"Indeed. I'm known as an Ultra Beast hunter, where I'm from." Robin explained. "It's my goal to take on these beasts, making sure they cause as little damage as possible."
"Where you're from? Are you not from here?" Telpo asked.
"That would be correct. I was sent here by Celebi from the future, in order to stop Guzzlord from destroying everything in it's path." Robin explained.
"W-wait what?! That's crazy!" Jake exclaimed. "The legendary Pokemon C-Celebi sent you here? T-that umm....makes you a t-time traveler then?"
"Maybe you didn't want to tell us that?" Telpo questioned. "I don't know much about time travel, but wouldn't that be a bad thing to tell others about?"
"It'll be fine." Robin said. "I wouldn't have said it, if I knew it would bring harm to my mission. Besides, I wanted to come clean, in order for you guys to maybe trust me a bit."
Before anymore could be said, shrieks of terror could be heard from outside! The sound of houses being destroyed and screaming filled the air, sending a shiver up Jake's spine.

"Well it seems there's no more time for explanations, my friends, it seems we have an ultra beast to destroy." Robin said, unusually calm for the situation.
"Here's the plan, I want you to weaken the beast as much as you can. Use anything you have at your disposal to do so." The girl said. "Flygon and I will try our best to help. But when I give you the signal, you need to make sure Guzzlord is off our tail. Got it?"
"Umm, s-sounds like a plan." Jake said.
"Good, now let's get going, before anyone else is hurt." Robin said as she exited the building.
Once outside, the sound of destruction was completely overwhelming. People and Pokemon were running past Jake, screaming and crying, hoping that they wouldn't be the next to be eaten. Right ahead he noticed the ultra beast, Guzzlord, the terrible creature having just eaten an entire house!
Jake turned to Robin, who had just gotten onto her Flygon.
"Don't forget the plan!" She called, before her Flygon took to the skies once more, flying straight towards the ultra beast!
"Right..." Jake muttered as he grabbed four balls and tossed them into the air. From the balls, emerged a Nuzleaf, Weepinbell, Torkoal and a...Flaaffy.
Jake let out a sigh upon seeing Milo. He knew that the Flaaffy hated battling...Milo had made sure to remind him, and yet...somehow Jake had managed to send him out yet again.
"Kage, Sprout, Vermillion.....Milo...look I-I need all of your help. W-We need to defeat that c-creature before it destroys this place." Jake explained. "So...can we all band together and help....p-please?"
"Of course! That bully is totally going to pay for this!" Sprout exclaimed.
"As long as there's food after....I'm all in." Vermillion said.
Kage said nothing, instead giving her trainer a silent nod.
"I'll help too master." Telpo said as he floated over to his teammates. "I know I'm not the best at battling, but I'll try my best."
Predictably, Milo seemed to be unwilling to battle, instead watching his teammates from the sidelines.
"Alright let's give this everything we've got! Kage you use Shadow Ball, Telpo go for an Ice Punch. Vermillion start with Skull Bash, and Sprout, go with Sludge Bomb!" Jake ordered.

Wasting no time, Kage ran towards her opponent, before leaping into the air! The Nuzleaf summoned an orb of filled with ghost like energy, before firing it towards Guzzlord! The attack did little the junkivore Pokemon, however Telpo's attack sure did. Despite the power difference, Guzzlord let out a shriek as the Abra's attack connected! In a fit of anger, Guzzlord began to channel dark energy into it's body, slamming into Telpo as a means of Payback!
Or Guzzlord would have anyway, if Robin's Flygon hadn't stopped the attack with a well timed Dragon Claw!
Taking the opportunity to strike, Sprout fired a barrage of hard sludge at Guzzlord, successfully poisoning the junkivore Pokemon! In retaliation, Guzzlord began to gather a large amount of Fire in it's mouth. The beast then Blasted the fire at Kage and Sprout. Seeing the fire coming her way, Kage managed to jump out of the way just in time, Sprout however, wasn't so lucky. The Weepinbell shrieked as the super effective attack nearly caused her to faint then and there! The round wasn't quite finished though. Vermillion lowered his head, before charging towards Guzzlord, as fast as a Torkoal could possibly go! He then dived at the beast, dealing a decent amount of damage!

"Let's keep this up everyone! Kage you use Razor Wind, Telpo go for another Ice Punch! Vermillion go with an Eruption , and Sprout, you use Cut!" Jake exclaimed.

Kage was once again the first to act! The Nuzleaf's leaf began to glow white with energy! Kage then released the compressed energy, which slashed at Guzzlord, dealing a large amount of damage! To add on to the Guzzlord's pain, Sprout lunged at the beast, slashing at it with one of her leaves! Angered by the assault, Guzzlord attacked Sprout with a hard Crunch from one of it's appendages! This proved to be too much from the Weepinbell, who toppled over in defeat!
"Sprout return!" Jake called out as he returned Sprout to her ball. "You did good out there, now rest up."
"Hey, you better watch out!" Robin's voice called from above. "Guzzlord's ability is known as beast boost. The more Pokemon it defeats, the stronger it gets! That's on top of that aura that's already surrounding it!" The ultra beast hunter warned.
This wasn't good, every time he lost a Pokemon, it'd be easier for the rest to go down...this battle needed to be finished as soon as possible!
The round wasn't quite over though! Jake watched as a Signal Beam from Robin's Flygon struck Guzzlord, the super effective attack causing the beast to let out a loud shriek! Following Flygon, Telpo rammed his fist into Guzzlord, causing the beast to let out another shriek, before retaliating with a slash of it's claw surrounded in Dragon energy! Telpo flew back as the attack connected, the Guzzlord's improved strength proving to be too much.
"Telpo!" Jake cried out as the Abra collapsed onto the floor.
"Telpo return." He said as he recalled the Abra to his ball. "Now take a nice rest, you more them deserve it.
Now Jake was down to just two Pokemon..Kage and Vermillion, who had just let loose an Eruption of fire energy! Oh and there was Milo as well....the Flaaffy was still off to the side, occasionally moving to avoid debris. The Flaaffy had shown that he was a great battler back at the Electric Masters why didn't he want to battle? Especially at a time like this....

"H-Hang in there you two! Kage, go for another Shadow Ball, then follow it up with Feint Attack! Vermillion go with Ember, then follow through with another Skull Bash!" Jake ordered.

Once more Kage ran towards her opponent, before leaping into the air, delivering an orb filled with shadow energy into the beasts head! Robin's Flygon once more let loose a rainbow beam of energy, striking Guzzlord for some impress damage! In a fit of rage, the beast sent a pulse of Dark energy at Robin and her Flygon, but the pair managed to easily avoid it! With Guzzlord wide open to attack, Vermillion let loose a bunch of small embers towards the junkivore Pokemon! But the embers seemed to barely phase the beast! In retaliation, Guzzlord began to stomp at the ground, sending shock waves across the earth! The waves shook many of the houses, some giving out and toppling over! The Bulldoze attack proved to be too much for Vermillion, the Torkoal toppling over in defeat.
"Vermillion, return!" Jake called out as he returned the Torkoal to his Pokeball. "You did good out there, now rest well."
The teen then turned to access the situation. It seemed the attack had dealt some heavy damage to Kage as well. Surely the attack was wide enough to have hit Milo as well? Jake turned to where Milo was, but to his shock, the Flaaffy was holding onto a nearby tree! The shock waves hadn't even effected him. But how had Milo known to do that? Even Kage hadn't reacted in time to avoid the attack...
Now wasn't the time to think about that, the battle was still raging on!
In an attempt to trick the Guzzlord, Kage pointed behind the beast, causing the junkivore Pokemon to turn around slightly. The Nuzleaf used this opportunity to strike Guzzlord with her fist! Angered by the Nuzleaf's trickery, Guzzlord chopped at Kage with one of it's appendages! The Brick Break attack sent Kage flying towards her trainer, before collapsing onto the floor in defeat.
"Kage return!" Jake said as he returned the Nuzleaf to her ball. "Rest up well, you did great out there."
Now what was he going to do? He had no more Pokemon left...except for Milo. But the Flaaffy wasn't going to battle...And his bag was in some building, he didn't even remember where anymore...
"Hey watch out!" Robin shouted, bring Jake back to his senses. It was then that he noticed the junkivore Pokemon coming straight for him! Before he could react, Guzzlord grabbed him with one of his appendages!
"Ahh! S-someone help!" Jake cried as the colossal Pokemon shrieked at him, ready to make him it's next snack!
Jake watched as Robin and her Flygon dove towards Guzzlord, her Flygon ready to strike with a Dragon Claw!
But before they could Guzzlord struck them with it's own Dragon Claw, sending the pair flying away.
Noticing that his trainer was in danger, Milo leapt into action! The Flaaffy charged towards Guzzlord, his tail clad in Iron! Spotting Milo and his quick approach, the junkivore Pokemon swung it's tail at the Flaaffy, sending him flying, before collapsing to he floor.
Upon awaking, Milo found himself in a dark void, much like the one back during the tournament... The Flaaffy didn't need to ask where he was, he already knew...
"'ve come back then...huh?" An ominous voice questioned. One that the Flaaffy knew all too well.
"I-I'm not scared of you!" Milo exclaimed.
"Why must you lie Milo? I can hear it in your're scared....maybe as scared as Cotton was?" The voice spoke once more.
"Y-you leave her out of this...I-I didn't mean to hurt her!" The Flaaffy shouted at the voice.
"It amuses me your rage was the cause of her suffering...and yet, now you being too passive has caused the death of your trainer." The voice said, before breaking into laughter.
"It's not true....I-I...." Milo stammered, unable to form a proper sentence.
"It's ok dear Milo...not everyone can be a hero....I think it's quite funny. You always have the best intentions..but no matter where you go, you seem to cause everyone to suffer!" The voice exclaimed.
"No..I-I....." Milo trailed off.
"You're pathetic and a waste of breath! You should rot...just like Cotton did!" The voice screamed at the Flaaffy.
"No...I-I can still...m-my" Milo began, before his trainer's old words rushed back to him.

You have to stand back up! I know you're stronger then that! I believe in you!

"My trainer needs me, and I'm not going to let him down! I may not be able to save Cotton, but I can still save Jake!" The Flaaffy exclaimed, a new sense of courage in his voice.
Milo rose to find himself in the ruins of Tempus village once again! But he knew he didn't have the time to look around! The Flaaffy turned his attention to the ultra beast, which seemed like it was ready to eat Jake!
Wasting no time, Milo began to gather electric energy into his tail, before firing a ball of it towards Guzzlord! The Electro Ball smashed into the claw holding Jake, causing Guzzlord to lose it's grip on him!
" saved me...t-thank you." Jake thanked the Flaaffy once he had gotten to his side.

But the battle was just getting started! With a shriek, Guzzlord began to channel it's Dark energy, before sending a pulse of it towards Milo.
"Milo, dodge it and use Iron Tail!" Jake cried.
"Following his trainers instructions, Milo leaped out of harms way, before delivering a power swing of his tail into Guzzlord's face!

"Alright Milo let's keep this up! Let's start with Cotton Guard, then go for
Body Slam!" Jake ordered.
Milo was the first to act! The Flaaffy began to surround himself in cotton, creating armor that greatly raised his defense!
Letting out a shriek, Guzzlord spun around, smacking an Iron clad tail into the Flaaffy! Even with his increased defense, Milo skidded back, the attack obviously having quite an effect. With Guzzlord having defeated four Pokemon, his beast boost had obviously powered up his moves to incredible levels!
Not willing to give up, Milo charged towards the beast, slamming his entire body into Guzzlord! The junkivore Pokemon let out a cry, before quickly recovering. The beast then began to surround it's entire body in Dragon energy, before Rushing towards Milo, slamming into the Flaaffy with it's full weight! Milo let out a shriek as the powerful attack sent him flying backwards! Jake was sure that it was the end for Milo...but to his delight, Milo stood up once more!

Milo looked back at his trainer, before looking towards his opponent once more. He had promised that he wasn't going to let his trainer down, and he didn't intend on breaking it! He was too weak to save Cotton back then...but there was no way he wasn't going to give it his all to save who he loved now!
The Flaaffy let out a small cry, before a bright light began to envelope him! He began to grow taller, the rest of his wool fell off, and his skin changed to yellow, white and black!
An orb grew onto the front of his head, the colour of a beautiful ruby, and the orb on his tail changed just the same! When the light faded, Milo was no longer a Flaaffy, but a stunning !
" evolved! Congratulations!" Jake exclaimed upon seeing the Ampharos. But it wasn't the time to stand around and admire Milo's new form, they still had a battle to win! Jake quickly scanned Milo with his Pokedex, trying to figure out if he had learned any new moves...

"Alright Milo, let's try Dragon Pulse to start, then use Power Gem" Jake ordered.

Eager to try out his new power, Milo began to gather draconic in his mouth, before releasing a beam of it, blasting Guzzlord for an incredible amount of damage! In retaliation, Guzzlord summoned several sharp stones, before sending a wave of them towards Milo! The Ampharos wasn't quite used to his new shape yet, and wasn't able to get out of the way, the sharp Edges of the Stones dug into his flesh, causing him to cry out! But Milo wasn't ready to call it quits! The Ampharos began to gather energy into his bright red orb, before sending the energy Guzzlord's way!
In return, the junkivore Pokemon slashed at Milo, it's claw coated in Dragon energy! Milo cried out as he skidded backwards... It seemed both Milo and Guzzlord were close to would all come down to this next round!

"Alright Milo, use Body Slam! Then go for another Dragon Pulse!" Jake exclaimed.

Filled with determination, Milo charged towards his opponent, slamming into it and dealing a decent amount of damage! Desperate to end things and get back to eating, Guzzlord began to gather Dark energy, before releasing a pulse of it towards Milo, striking the Ampharos and causing him to nearly keel over! Ready to end things, Milo started gathering draconic in his mouth, before releasing a beam of it, blasting Guzzlord!
Letting out a terribly loud shriek the beast looked as it was about to topple over! But to the pairs horror, the beast began to Rush towards them, it's body cloaked in Dragon energy!

"Flygon, Devastating Drake!!!" Jake heard Robin cry out.
Suddenly a gigantic wave of dragon energy, in the shape of a dragon zoomed past the pair! The energy dragon smashed into Guzzlord, causing the beast to be engulfed in a large explosion of energy! Once the explosion had finished, Guzzlord came back into view, toppled over in defeat!

"Whoa...that was amazing!" Jake exclaimed as he turned behind him, noticing Robin and her Flygon. "T-that was a Z-Move, right? It's gotta be..."
"Indeed it is, the dragon z-move, devastating drake." Robin explained. "But I think the real amazing thing is your Ampharos. It held that Guzzlord off like it was nothing."
Robin had a point, Milo had done really well....almost too well. He had easily out preformed even Sparky in the battle against the ultra beast. But to his knowledge....this was only Milo's second time battling....How could the Ampharos be so powerful?
"So umm....what do we do with t-the ultra beast?" Jake asked. "W-won't it cause more havoc once it wakes up?"
"Nope, take a look behind you." Robin said, pointing to the beast behind him.
Jake turned, only to realize the beast had begin to flicker, before disappearing entirely!
"Once defeated, the ultra beast will be returned to it's rightful place." Robin explained. "It's a shame really, Guzzlord only did this because it was scared. Imagine being ripped from your home and being sent to a strange place, where everyone feared you....." The ultra beast hunter continued.
"I-I never thought of it like that before...." Jake muttered.
"That's fine, most people don't. Now we should probably go get your bag, I can heal your Pokemon once we're in a safe location." Robin said as she began to walk back to their old meeting point, which had surprisingly not been damaged.
"So...wouldn't it be better to use the Pokemon Center?" Jake questioned as Robin began to use some potions on his team.
"That probably wouldn't be wise master, it's probab- ow!" Telpo cried out in surprise as the potion stung his skin.
"As I was saying, there's probably a lot of people there after the attack." Telpo explained.
"Your Abra is definitely the brains of the group I see." Robin said.
"W-what's that supposed to mean?!" Jake demanded. "I-I think I'm pretty smart..."
"Anyway, your Pokemon are healed up." Robin said, ignoring Jake's outburst. "Well except your Nuzleaf, said something about not being a baby or whatever."
"Thank you." Jake said as he returned each of his Pokemon to their Pokeballs, except Telpo.
"I still can't believe you can understand Pokemon language." Telpo said as he floated back over to his trainer. "I haven't seen anyone besides my trainer with that sort of ability."
"I'd imagine it is kind of rare." Robin said. "Now I'm assuming you need to get to a town or city quickly? I'll fly you there on my Flygon, if you wish.
"W-wait how'd you know that?" Jake asked. " I mean...we are...and we'd be happy to accept..."
"How'd I know? Let's call it a time travelers intuition." The ultra beast hunter said.
"Wait really? That's a thing?" Jake questioned. "T-that's pretty cool."
"Of course not! I was just messing with you." Robin said. "I assumed because I didn't think you'd stop here just for a statue, you don't seem like you would, is all."
"Oh....ok. Well...we're going to Amperet City." Jake said.
"Alright, sounds great. Let's get going, before it gets too late." Robin said before exiting the house.
Upon take off, it took very little time for Robin's Flygon to make it to Amperet City, compared to how long it would have taken Jake to walk. Soon the four of them had landed in the coastal city of Amperet.
"Well here you are." Robin said as Telpo and Jake disembarked. "This is where we must part ways though, I must get back to my time, you understand."
"I-indeed." Jake said with a nod. "G-good luck with hunting those ultra beasts!"
"Thanks." The woman said, before ushering for her Flygon to take off.
"Wait!" Telpo called out, causing her Flygon to stop it's ascent before it even began.
"I mean this isn't goodbye forever....we can always meet again in the future, right?" The Abra asked.
Robin looked away from the Abra, instead turning her attention to the ground.
"Umm...y-yeah maybe..." She said, her usual confidence seemed to be missing from her voice.
"Just....remember to cherish what you have while you have it.... But if you wish for it...we'll surely meet again." She said. "M-maybe...sooner then you think."
With that, the Flygon flew off with her trainer, off into the distance....

"That was kinda weird." Telpo said once the pair were out of sight.
"Y-yeah...I can't say I expected to m-meet a time traveler and fight beasts from a different dimension." Jake said.
"Not that! The way she was acting at the end...." Telpo explained.
"Oh...I-I mean I guess so...I was still trying to process what happened....sorry."
"Hmm...she was nice though." Telpo said. "She kinda felt like she was an old friend, despite only having just met her."
"Yeah....i-it's getting kind of late though....we should probably find a hotel." Jake said. "It's a busy day tomorrow, w-we need to get some sleep."
Telpo nodded his head in agreement, before the pair made their way through the city streets, wondering just what the next day would bring them...

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