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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Alright guys, here they are! Thanks for your patience~ xD

Stepping into the thick of the Cloud Forest, Hiero couldn’t help but be taken in by the sheer beauty of the landscape. Massive trees, standing tall and proud like skyscrapers, surrounded him making him almost feel small and insignificant in comparison. It was a tranquil kind of quiet as Hiero wandered down the slightly noticeable path; only the sounds of a gentle breeze rustling the leaves above, a few birds chirping, and the occasional bug noises filled the air.

Opting to sightsee various wild Pokemon in their natural habitat, Hiero slowly but surely began to spot and recognize several different species of Pokemon along the way. A lone Weedle inched its way up a tree. A patch of grassy Oddish leaves grew out of the dirt while the bodies rested underground. A nest of Taillow chirped up in the threes. For the most part, these species were all fairly common and the Pokemon appeared to be comfortably at home.

It was a few moments later that Hiero heard a new sound. A scratching noise, coming from the trees up ahead. Heading in that direction, he spotted a large blue shell in the near distance. It was a Heracross, scratching bark off a tree with its large elaborate horn so it could suck on the sap beneath. It didn’t seem fazed by Hiero’s presence, focused on its meal instead. With its natural defenses, this beetle had little to fear in this environment. It was up to Hiero now, whether he wanted to get closer or not.

The cool shade of the forest canopy offered Hiero refuge from the warmth of the brightly shining sun. The ground was slightly damp, and the smell of petrichor filled the air - it must have rained recently. To Hiero, this was the perfect weather. He was very much at peace. "This is too perfect to not share..." Hiero thought. He spotted a small boulder near a tree and decided to sit for a moment, pulling out a Pokeball from his pack, and taking in his surroundings.

Some Oddish that had planted themselves in the ground were growing quietly, absorbing the nutrients of their environment in order to grow. The intrusive thought did briefly cross Hiero's mind that he could, perhaps, attempt to capture the Oddish in their vulnerable state, but ultimately he decided to let them be. He sighed, twisted the Pokeball in his hands, and opened the latch to reveal his young Mareanie, which manifested onto a patch of dirt in front of him. Suddenly, Hiero had an idea.

"Well, good afternoon, Tomoko," Hiero greeted. The Mareanie yawned and smiled at its trainer cordially. "How would you like to join me on an adventure today?"

Tomoko's eyes widened and she grinned. "Ma!"

"Well, I have a feeling you must be hungry - how about some leftover Springtime chocolate?" Hiero reached into his bag and retrieved six chocolates and two Rare Candies. The Mareanie tilted her head curiously. Hiero unwrapped the candies and extended the palm of his hand. The Mareanie inched closer to the candies, and then proceeded to eat them.

(Tomoko grew to Level 13! Tomoko learned Bite and Toxic Spikes!)

Tomoko raised two of her front tentacles happily and bounced in place, energized and happily filled from the snack. Hiero smiled. Suddenly, an odd noise started emanating from just down the dirt path. It sounded like a loud, echoing scratching. Hiero stood up, now alert at what he was hearing. He motioned quietly for his Mareanie to follow, which she did.

It wasn't long before the two saw something that stuck out among the earthy nature of the forest. Grappled onto the trunk of a wide tree up ahead was a fairly sizable, blue beetle-type creature, with a large horn that seemed to be the source of the ruckus. It was rubbing its horn against the tree bark furiously, extracting the sap from inside, and eating it. Hiero immediately recognized the Pokemon to be a Heracross.

"Tomoko," Hiero whispered. "This is the moment we've been waiting for - your first opportunity for a real battle!" The Mareanie looked at its trainer and grinned, and nodded. It remained quiet. "Here's what we're going to do; I'm not sure it will work, but it's worth a shot. We're going to get a bit closer - and I want you to quietly lay a trap of Toxic Spikes underneath of the trunk where it's situated. It will almost certainly not notice - it's too busy trying to drink the sap from within the tree. Given that we only just started to hear this noise, from the sound of things, it's only just begun extracting its meal. That alone should suffice as enough of a distraction, at which point..." Hiero reached into his backpack and pulled out the bunny suit that he had received during the Springtime event, and fastened it around his Mareanie.

" which point I want you to launch yourself into the air above it and come down on it hard with a mighty Peck attack! If this works out, and I think it will, it should fall into the Toxic Spikes you had set under the tree. If you get the chance, follow up with another Peck any time you see an opening!"

Tomoko nodded, clearly excited at her first chance to battle - a Heracross at that. The two quietly approached a tree near the Heracross and hid behind it, preparing to engage...
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