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Originally Posted by Connor View Post

Meetan: As you splashed in the waters with Lorin, the little Lotad allowing himself to float on the tops of the waves while kicking with his stubby legs, you find yourself enjoying the simple pleasure of bonding with your Pokemon. The day was a good one, the skies were clear, and while the area was rife with tourists, the large nature of the beach meant nothing felt too cramped, everyone was distributed well. Other trainers frolicked with their Pokemon in the waters, and while you play with Lorin, one of them begins to approach you. A young girl, maybe a little younger than yourself, wearing a bright green bikini and brunette hair tied up in a ponytail gives you a cheeky smile and a small wave, a Poliwhirl swimming alongside her. She seemed friendly and quite bubbly, having the kind of energetic air about her that you would associate with a young child. Her eyes were her most striking feature though - a deep shade of brown, there was a natural inquisitiveness and curiosity hiding deep in there. As she finally comes within earshot, she calls out to you.

"Hey there! Couldn't help but notice how cute you and your Lotad looked. The little fella has quite a strange colour, doesn't he? Only makes him look all the more adorable."

She grins as her Poliwhirl shoots her a sideways glance, the Water type clearly feeling somewhat left out.

"Not as quite as Mario here, though. Anyway - I was considering doing a little exploration in the rockier areas of the coast. Most tourists don't go there, but I have a pretty good handle on them. I was shown the ropes by a native a few months back. Wanna tag along? More the merrier!"
Alice looked over at the pair as they approached, absently keeping a check on Lorin as well. He seemed quite happy to just float, although she kept her arms vaguely on either side of him to stop the little one getting swept too far away. At the mention that he was adorable, the Pokemon chimed out a grateful 'Lotaaad!' in thanks.

"Yeah, he is pretty cute. I've got a bunch of pink Pokemon, it's my favourite colour! And a black Bagon, too, but he isn't with us." She added. Honestly, Eridian was a bit of a grump, although Alice knew that in reality her dragon did like her. His type were naturally harder to handle, though, so she tried not to take his attitude personally. "Oh, wow, yeah! I'd totally love to come with you! I'm not much of a climber, mind, but my Pokemon might be able to help me out. And besides, I love your Poliwhirl! I don't have one of my own but I think the Poliwag family is super cute. Anyway, let me grab my things and we can go?"

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