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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
Brave Saix: The man looks at you with a puzzled stare for a moment, his eyes struggling to focus on you, distracted by something hovering overhead. As you turn your own head upwards to see what was drawing his attention, you see a group of Wingull playing with one another, darting through the skies with complete abandon, clearly not caring too much about the large metal platform which had invaded their homes. Before you can remark, the strange man who had hired you breaks out in a wide grin.

"Great to see that some of the wild Pokemon can still go about their normal life despite our infringement. The name is Matthew, by the way. Don't think I mentioned that on my request. Bit of a mistake. And, sadly, no Chinchou on this shirt. Disappointment, I know."

Matthew outstretched a hand intending for you to shake, before eagerly beginning to explain what his main area of interest was in the Minnao Isles. Turns out that the local religion was particularly ancient and had pervaded the island for generations. This meant that there could well be very important archaeological finds relating to the ways in which the religion was practiced in forgotten eras, before religious texts of the Isles documented ceremonies and such. Matthew's eyes sparkled with a distinct vigor when he began talking about his research, in an almost endearing manner. Finally though, you find yourself standing before a rather large group of Drifblim. Each of them were attached to a swinging basket, a gruff man standing to one side. The man eyes you up as you approach, nodding his head in your direction.

"This the trainer then, Matt?"

Matthew looks towards the man with a slight frown on his face, before nodding.

"Yes. Don't use that kind of tone though, Jonas. I'm sure they'll be very helpful. Anyway, if you have any business to attend to before departure, I recommend you do it now. Otherwise we'll be heading straight for the Peak."
Sypher followed Matthew along as he explained a bit about his research and what the group would be digging for. The glimmer of joy that he saw in the scientist's eye reminded him of his parent's enthusiasm for battling, it was true passion. Sypher wanted to ask him more for of what he knew about the local religion, but before he could they arrived at the flock of Drifblim balloons.

Sypher noticed the Drifblim's handler as he nodded towards him and returned the greeting in turn. "Pleasure to meet ya. I suppose you'll be guiding these Drifblim?" Sypher looked over to the ghostly balloons as they bumped against each other as a gentle breeze blew.

Matthew motioned to Sypher to go ahead and embark one of the baskets such that they could be on their way. "Can do! One quick thing though. Julian! Jill! I think you'll both enjoy the ride!" he said calling out his Passimian and Noibat to board the same basket as him. "These things can hold a bit of extra weight, right?" he called to the handler.
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