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You nudged the man in hope he would respond. Your worried words must have done something, because the man finally coughed, and then grunted. He slowly moved, his coughing turning to hacking. "P-ple..." he began to cough uncontrollably as he tried rolling onto his side. He lay still for a moment, grabbing his chest and wincing in pain with each cough, tears welling in his eyes. "My ribs... I think they're brok-" He began coughing again, a small trickle of blood beginning to seep out of his mouth. He collected himself and breathed deeply, clutching his chest, cringing. "Okay, okay... I can do this..."

The man slowly sat up, wiping the blood off of his chin. He was completely drenched in mud from the naval down, his shirt torn at the seams. A large gash on his right forearm bled lightly, a loose piece of bloody cloth, clearly from his shirt, tied in a knot around the elbow. The man rubbed his eyes, and began coughing again, this time letting out a squeal in pain. "Oh god, it hurts... I'm sorry, please, I need help," he pleaded. "My," he sputtered, "my bag... with my Pokemon, in the Pokeballs, I’ve lost it..." He lifted his head, locking eyes with you for the first time. His demeanor turned from serious and concerned to one of fear. "It was a monster," he added.

The man sighed. "I know it's hard to believe, but what happened simply wasn't normal," he began to cough again, holding his sides. "My Pokemon..." he choked back tears. "This is all my fault. I'm one of the fools they talk about, I suppose. I just wanted to bring my daughter peace, but... I fear this is all my fault," he said, wiping away tears. "She wanted her ashes to be scattered into the sea by the other side of the mangrove wall, here in Oů les Palétuviers se Rassemblent," he muttered, trying to hold back a cough. "It was her dying wish. We used to hike out here once a year when she was a child and watch the-" he began coughing again. He was obviously in a lot of pain, and his possibly fractured ribs were most likely the cause. "We would watch the sunrise together once a year and feed bread to the schools of fish Pokemon that gathered near the surface of the sea... but that was back when I was a younger, stronger trainer, and could watch over her," he dabbed his eyes with his shirt, spreading dirt across his face. " "When she knew she wasn't long for this world, she asked to be laid to rest in the sea here. And so I granted her that wish, even though my family protested - I suppose their concerns were valid after all."

He grabbed a branch, and attempted to stand up, only to collapse back onto his knees. "The monster. I don't know what it was, but something in the sea - I must have roused something, because when I scattered her ashes, just moments later, something I had never seen before rose out of the sea and attacked me, throwing me against jagged rocks. I dropped my bag, and when I tried to retrieve it, it rose out of the ocean and blasted me with a stream of water. I blacked out after that, and I don't know what happened. I woke up and, I... I'm so dizzy..."

The man collapsed again, still alive, but unconscious. Behind him was a trail of muddy footprints, and most likely, the scent of blood. Leaving him alone in the thick of the wilderness here probably wasn't a good idea. How you choose to move forward - if you choose to move forward - is up to you.

Missingno. Master:

With questions still spinning in your mind about what you had witnessed earlier, as well as wondering where you would be able to pay tribute to the guardian, you decided looking for the forest's residents and caretakers would be your best option.

It didn't take long to reach the small village in the forest. It was a quaint, small town that very clearly respected the natural surroundings it was founded in, looking almost as though it were a naturally formed part of the woods. It was located in an open, meadow-like area, seemingly indicating no trees or wildlife were harmed in its construction, however long ago that may have been. Its walkways were grassy, and the houses and buildings were all made of stone. Walking through its single wooden gate and into the town square felt almost as though you had stepped into a relic of the past.

There weren't many villagers outside, and the few you did pass looked melancholy at best. As was your intent, you approached a villager that had just come out of what you figured was a tavern, and inquired about the flowers, as well as where you could pay tribute to Celebi.

The villager's eyes sagged, and he grimaced. He held a bottle of beer in his hand. It was clear he was intoxicated. "Why dno't yuo go aksh our ALL-KWNOING and suppsoedly brillaint 'MELITTITOLOGISHT' or wahetver shes called... shes gotsh a DEFGREE yuo know... whos knwosh wehre shesh at, and waho caers anyawy..." He seemed aggravated by the thought of the individual he was talking about. "And Shelabi? HA HA. Dnot mae kme laff. Whog ivesh a shit abuotu shome gaurdain taht doest'n geive a shit abuot us?" The man brushed passed you, bumping your shoulder. "Shtupid tourishts... all thye caer abuot ish taht shtuipd pixie BUG..."

It was a bit difficult to understand what the man was saying, but maybe there was something you could do with this information...


Upon being asked, the Houndour summoned forth a Will-o-Wisp. The puppy Pokemon closed its eyes, and a flaming orb manifested in the air to the upper right of the Pokemon, gently bobbing up and down.

The room lit up. Immediately, a few Alolan Rattata squealed and scattered past you, retreating into a large crack in the wall, which was somewhat startling, to say the least. Having taken in your surroundings, you realized that the floor and the walls were old and brick, and the room itself was particularly large as well. Barring some cobwebs, it was also completely empty. However, upon second glance, something did catch your attention after all - there was a large, old, wooden trapdoor embedded into the floor on the other side of the room, a decayed, rusted latch being the only thing that kept it shut.

You turned your gaze away from it for a moment, analyzing your other options. There was a particularly large hole where the wall met the floor. A curved section of the ground that twisted around the edges of the room indicated that this, was in fact, a drain, which - if you had to guess - probably led into a reservoir or a cistern of some kind. The hole was large enough to crawl through, though it didn’t look particularly inviting.

And then of course, there was a doorway; however, there was no door. The light of the Will-o-Wisp extended just barely beyond the length of the room you currently stood in, but from what you could surmise, the room that connected to the one you were currently in was not actually a room, but was, in fact, a long, concrete hall. What’s more, the Will-o-Wisp flickered slightly in the direction opposite the entryway, indicating to you that a gentle breeze was emanating from the potential exit.

You had a few options, none of which included the large hole you had so carelessly fallen through; there was simply no way you were going back the way you came…
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