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Le Marais Sacré de Celebi
Marécage Noir is shrouded in dark clouds seemingly endlessly, but there is one place for which the sky is always clear: the sacred swamp of Celebi. Though the water is dark with tannins, it doesn't ever seem to stagnate. It's cool to the touch, with a pleasant, earthy smell. Thick trees, seemingly older than time itself, grow from its dark depths, with gnarled trunks and twisty roots which jut up at odd angles. Here, a plethora of Pokémon can be found of all sorts of types; Bug, Flying, Grass, Water -- even some Poison types call this ethereal swamp their home. Named for the Mythical Pokémon Celebi, there is a legend that this area thrives so beautifully in such an otherwise dark and murky place due to the influence of the Time Travel Pokémon, and that causing harm to the sacred swamp will result in bad fortune. Locals often bring offerings of food in respect to the land and to Celebi, hoping for blessings and good favor, and even perhaps a chance to meet Celebi itself. Please reply in SpringGreen.
Having heard of some region of Fizzytopia that vaguely reminded him of home, even if only in the sense that its name was in a language familiar to him, Erven and his pair of pokemon had together decided to set out for this far off swamp. The words called to him, drew him in, "Le Marécage Noir" sounded so nice to him. Erven was perhaps willfully ignorant to the possibly ominous connotations of the name, blinded by a firm sense of homesickness and nostalgia,

Truthfully, he knew next to nothing about this Le Marécage Noir place before they'd arrived, though when they'd reached their destination, he couldn't help but be a little disappointed. He could no longer recall what he had even been expecting to find here, exactly, but, standing shin deep in murky marsh water, the young trainer was certain this wasn't it. "It's not much like Kalos, is it?" Erven asked of Greg, who'd been with him since before they'd ever come to this land. The Squirtle took note of their swampy surroundings and, after a moment, shook his head, echoing his trainer's sentiment. "Yeah..." he sighed, tired from the trek.

"I thought this was supposed to be some kind of sacred swamp? Seems a whole lot more swamp than sacred to me," Erven griped as he dragged his soaking feet through the muck. "You sure we're even in the right place?" he asked his partner, almost hopeful that they'd made a wrong turn and were only in some normal swamp. Greg looked up to the human, though could only offer a shrug. It wasn't as though he had a map, or had even seen one before they decided to come here. Erven groaned, though couldn't blame the Squirtle for being no help. "Well... we better check around, anyway. Maybe we'll get lucky and find some cool pokemon or something..." he muttered, trying to maintain some semblance of optimism.

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