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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post

Starlight Summit - A path that cuts across the island from north to south leads up to the mountain's peak. The volcano, no longer active, has left a small indent at the apex, creating a shelter from the rest of the island and the clouds that hang over the other parts that is perfect for watching the stars. An almost cosmic energy seems to flood this place, attracting Psychic- and Fairy-type Pokémon who are naturally drawn to the influence of the stars. Please use gold.

"Eclair, you're in charge of everyone, ok? So make sure no one gets lost. Or hurt. And make sure everyone gets enough to eat, I packed a lot of snacks so you shouldn't get hungry and make sure to drink lots of water and...." Eclair zoned out while listening to her trainer worriedly list off all of the safety precautions she had taken for their trip to Incognito Isle. She knew it was the first time they would be away from each other since they began their travels, but really, they were Pokemon, going to an island full of other Pokemon, they'd be fine. A loud horn signaled that the boat was about to leave the dock, cutting Athena off. "Ohhh ok! Most importantly, you guys have fun, alright? I love you!"

Eclair accepted the kiss Athena placed on her head, then gathered up her Treasure Bag, slinging it on her back like a backpack. She watched her trainer give her other two Pokemon a similar kiss goodbye, getting a firm face-full of paw from Mille as usual. The trio waved as the boat took off.

The Mawile took charge as assigned as soon as they got to the island, leading the small troupe to the base of the mountain. The two younger Pokemon didn't complain. Monte, the Scraggy, seemed more content with seeing how much he could poke or shove Mille before she got mad.

"Alright, so this is Starlight Summit," Eclair started, unfolding a small piece of paper she had brought with her. On it was what Athena had instructed her to find during their adventures. Or, well, a crude crayon drawing version of it.
Eclair wasn't that great at art, and looking back on it, she really didn't know what she had drawn at all. She squinted and turned the paper upside down,
this dark wobbly circle was a... rock? A ball? Maybe even some kind of Pokemon they were told to look for? She folded up the paper again with a sigh, this obviously wasn't going to be much help at all.

"Hey Mille. Hey Mille. Hey Mille~~~yyy!!" The yellow lizard Pokemon darted around Mille. The pink Pokemon remained motionless, staring straight ahead and trying to ignore him. The Scraggy giggled and continued running in circles around her. He stopped behind her and reached slowly for the tag sticking out of her backside. The moment his small claw brushed it, Mille's back leg swung backward straight into his face, sending him rolling backwards. Eclair looked back at the two of them, worried she would have to administer First Aid already. Instead she saw Monte giggling at the fact that he was now upside down.

"Come on you two..." Eclair sighed, helping Monte pull him self up and dusting him off. "Mille, no more kicking, and Monte, stop bothering Mille. Now lets go."

The trio headed down the path together, Eclair leading the group with Mille taking up the back.

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