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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
Jerichi: Josiah chuckles as you query about Helen being able to accompany, the monk waving a hand through the air as if to dismiss the question as silly.

"Of course, of course. We're a modern institution, we have no real qualms about specific Pokemon. Though I doubt that was your worry, rest assured she will be welcomed happily."

With that cleared up, Josiah indicates for you to follow, the monk keeping his pace slow and methodical in order to accommodate both Helen's dawdling speed and your own lack of shoes. The monk manages to take this to an even further level of courtesy, taking great care to nudge any loose pebbles out of the way of your path in order to avoid your feet getting hurt. Finally, you see the temple at the top of a rather small hill, Josiah stopping for a moment to look upon the elegant yet simplistic building, the understated architecture managing to perfectly convey the simple but admirable way of life of those tied to it. The worn marble steps leading to the entrance way of the stone building were dyed a pale blue colour somehow, their sparkling beauty reflecting the hue of the waters surrounding the Isles, much like the shade of the robes Josiah was wearing. Finally, you enter the main foyer to the temple, a large flame burning in a hearth at the center of the room. Josiah gestures for you to wait.

"You may have a look around our main hall here if you wish. I'll leave to fetch you some adequate footwear in the meanwhile."

With that, Josiah vanished into a nearby corridor, his footsteps quickly fading into the distance. As you stood, now alone apart from Helen, the sheer enormity of the room strikes you. The outside view of the temple was deceptive - the place was certainly colossal, much larger than your eye had first assumed. Before you can manage to do any proper exploration of the main hall though, someone comes barreling into you from behind. As you stagger to keep your footing, a frantic looking man spies your Pokemon, instantly bursting into a frenzied plea.

"You ... you have to help. You're a trainer, right? One of the priests ... he's trapped!"
Jeri tried his best not to laugh too awkwardly at what he assumed was supposed to be some sort of half-joke (or was it? He never really understood the religious folk) and tried his best to get Helen moving before she spaced out again. He was quite grateful that this stranger was willing to help him, and even go so far as to sweep the path in front of them with his feet to prevent any further pain to his tired soles.

Once they approached the temple, Jeri was in awe of the architecture of its blue marbled façade - now this was the kind of culture he was looking for. His feet being incredibly sore from walking on the uneven ground was worth seeing the rather impressive sight of the temple, both it's simple but striking exterior and its somehow cozy yet expansive interior. As Josiah went into another room to fetch him a pair of shoes, Jeri's eyes swept across the entire room, taking in every detail. However, his marveling was soon interrupted by a panicked man rushing in, looking as if the sky had fallen.

"You ... you have to help. You're a trainer, right? One of the priests ... he's trapped!" the man asks desperately.

"I, uh," Jeri stuttered, unsure of how to react - he wasn't exactly the hero type, but if he was the only one there, he guessed he'd have to play the part in spite of that, "Um, sure, yeah, I can help. Show me where and what I can do to help. C'mon Helen."

Jeri hobbles in the direction of where the man came from, and Helen follows slowly behind, only after she realizes her trainer is most of the way down the hall.
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