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Cordina’s Peak: Named after a famous priestess, Cordina’s Peak is the religious center of the Minnao people. People from various tribes often travel here to make offerings to Manaphy for the health of their children, or to Kyogre for good weather. Here, the current head priest, Holai, attempts to heal the bonds between people and Pokemon on the island. While there isn’t much fishing opportunity here, with the only water truly available in the shallow pools of the Sea Altar, the locals are sure to need help with the daily goings on in the village. Please respond in deepskyblue. This area is intended for Normal adventures.
Finally reaching the true height of Cordina's Peak, Sweeney looks around his surroundings. He had to admit, the place had quite a sense of grandeur about it, what with the incredible views it offered of the entire Isles. Yet, at the same time, it managed to hold a serene beauty which belied the immense scales of the mountain, a sense of distinct isolation which, in something of a natural contradiction, left Sweeney feeling at one with everything surrounding him. Looking down to his right, even the normally obnoxious Marco was stunned into a sense of silence, and two of Sweeney's most recent acquisitions - a twin set of Ledyba - hovered just behind him, similarly stunned into silence by the sheer scale of what they were witnessing around them. However, with the mountain having been surmounted, Sweeney was left at a bit of an impasse. His main reason for climbing up here was to witness the view, but now he felt he had to give a little back. With a shrug, he decided that he may as well head towards the shrine. Making an offering there would likely be appreciated by the locals and priests who tended the site, and it was the least he could do. Nodding to Marco, Izzy and Dizzy, the trainer began to make his way down the side of the trail, heading directly for the shrine.

With the shrine just up ahead, Sweeney looked down at the flowers that he held in his right hand. He had managed to acquire them before his ascent - he was intending to lay them at the peak in remembrance for some of the friends he had lost during his time at the bar, victims of the crazed violence of some of the punters. However, something felt more right about leaving them as an offering at the shrine. They would serve a better purpose that way - one of both remembrance and reverence for the local worship. Walking towards the shrine, he placed the flowers on the altar, before offering up a silent prayer.
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