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Updates Ahoy!~

Along with Yuki, I'll be claiming Balmund and Naru. Sorry if these are too short.


Despite being mad her date was getting interrupted, Kanna did her best to make the most of the trip. She motioned towards the rest of the group at the houses ahead, curious on what resided within the village. Kief barked at Yufi, and then the red-bandanna'd Zigzagoon took charge and led the way towards the village ahead. The trio soon made there way towards the houses, and saw a bustling town square ahead. Various Pokemon could be seen running around, tending shops, or sparing in the middle of the square. A large crowded was gathered, and Kanna extended herself up to see what was going on. She saw a Throh and a Machamp dueling, seeming to try and keep themselves in top shape. A few Meowth were yelling in the crowd, trying to vend concessions for the onlookers to watch. The crowd seemed to be buzzing with excitement.

Returning to Kief and Yuki, Kanna told the two Zigzagoon about the fight going on in the middle of town. It was certainly an interesting thing to watch, but there were other opportunities in the village as well. Suddenly, a Chansey knocked into Kanna, and she started to apologize to the Furret.

"Oh excuse me ma'am I'm so sorry! I'm just in a bit of a rush... Some textiles are being dropped off at the port from the humans and I work at the accessory shop here. If it wouldn't trouble you all that much, could I ask you three to assist me? I'm sure the boss would allow you to take a few spare accessories back to your trainer!" she asked happily, despite running into Kanna first. Her request does seem easy enough, and the items might benefit Jess in the long run.

How does the trio respond?


Presea continued to contemplate the many different ways she would murder her Sceptile companion as he dragged her ownwards. The rain forest was nice and refreshing, and was filled with the various hums of bug-typed Pokemon. The duo continued through the forest, myriad bug and grass types waving them hello as they journeyed on. Sothe gave a quip response back and then cajoled Presea for not responding to them. The Axew wondered what would snap first, her sanity or Sothe's neck. Why of all the Pokemon it was him he would have to be stuck in the damn place with. She would never understand he trainer's decision to do this to her.

The duo soon reached a clearing within the forest, and saw a group of Bellossom dancing. A crowd of Pokemon were watching them, happy to see the Bellossom performing for them. THen, as if suddenly, the crowd got sad. The group of dancers looked sad, and the duo just watched with confused expressions. One of them say the two of them, and motioned the rest of the Bellossom with her to follow.

"Excuse me? You're travelers yes? Could you help us?" Once of them asked

"Yes please! Something important to our show got stolen from us!" The second one chimed in.

"Without our special instruments, won't be able to do our finally... They were stolen from us last night. We don't know who stole them, but we saw some silk where our instruments were... Could you help us?"

How do the pair respond?


The two cats wandered the beach, looking for a stone that could possibly evolve their friend Pascal. Mochi seemed pretty excited, and pointed to various rocks on the sands. That's all they were, however, rocks. Morgana's patience continued to get thinner and thinner, but he wouldn't dare snap at the Skitty. She was too innocent, too naive to just be yelled at for no apparent reason. She then seemed to find something interesting. A red rock was sitting in the middle of a small islet of sand just off the shore of the beach. Perhaps this was a rock that would help benefit Pascal?

On closer inspection, there was a small bridge from the shore to the tiny islet. Just as Mochi was about to run across it, a Dragonair slithered out of the water and curled up around the stone. It paid no head to the cat trying to run towards it (who was being held down by a frantic Litten), and fell asleep with the rock in the middle of its coil. Just their luck, that what they seem to be looking for to be not only blocked by water, but a Dragonair as well. Could they possibly steal it without the Dragonair knowing?

How will the duo respond?


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