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TheKnightsFury: "Well laddie, a little bit of fear does you good. A little bit of fear keeps you from overstepping your boundaries too readily. Stops you getting too close to the flame."

The somber warning hangs in the air between you for a moment before you inquire as to how the pair of you would be getting out onto the water for the fishing lesson. Jackson pauses for a moment, before grinning wide.

"I do have a boat, but that won't be how we're traveling today. No, lad, we'll be traveling in natural style."

Reaching for a Poke Ball on his belt, the fisherman throws the orb into the air, the seams splitting to accommodate a familiar rush of crimson energy. As it strikes the water, the energy becomes to form into a rather distinctive figure - long neck, horned head, and a nobbled shell. A Lapras splashed into the waters of the lake, Jormungand taking quick evasive action to avoid the resulting waves. The specimen before them seemed larger than most Lapras, certainly large enough to accommodate both men out onto the waters. Jackson clearly had this intent, the large man performing a perfect mount, an impressive feat for a man of his age and stature. He indicates for you to clamber aboard before slapping the neck of Lapras gently.

"Come on then Orion. Take us out into the center of the lake and we'll see what we can do today."

As Orion began to move through the waters, Jormungand hanging alongside, Jackson turns to you.

"So laddie, any specific areas you want to train for Jormungand here? I have a few possibilities in mind, but I'd like to hear your own thoughts."

Jackson's Lapras was a marvelous specimen, unlike any he had seen before. Jayson had even owned a Lapras once upon a time, caught during his first adventure through Kanto he had released it in the Hoenn region which it seemed to enjoy. His Lapras would have been a runt by comparison, Orion's size was astonishing. Jayson happily mounted the Lapras, enjoying the feeling of nostalgia as it glided through the crystal clear lake water. Jormungand swam alongside the much more powerful Water type, somewhat overwhelmed by its presence.

As they rode across the water, Jackson inquired as to what sort of training he indeed for the Magikarp. This left Jayson a little stumped, what could you do with a Magikarp? His had recently learnt how to use Outrage, perhaps he could try and temper the Magikarp's inner rage before it evolved? Probably not straight up. What else could Magikarp do though? They could Splash and they could jump.........

"Magikarp are pretty good jumpers right Jackson? Maybe we could do some sort of training to improve its jumping?" A cold shiver ran down Jayson's back, something seemed right about his idea for training. He looked down at the Magikarp who was now swimming happily through the water, so blissful, so gentle. Things would certainly change once he evolved into a Gyarados, not just his size and ability but his personality as well. Jayson was beginning to doubt his ability to restrain its rage, perhaps he would need some training as well. Jackson seemed to imply he had dealt with a similar situation, surely he would be able to give him some pointers.

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