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Dancing Desert - A windy desert exists behind the volcano's rain shadow between the western and northern docks, running from the beach up to the base of the mountain. This desert gets its name from the shifting dunes that appear to dance in the winds and shift around the complicated, weathered rock formations that dot the area. Rock- and Ground-types favor this part of the island, enjoying the bright sun and dry climate, as well as the various crannies carved into the rock faces by the wind. Please use papaywhip.
The sun shone overhead as two Pokemon darted across the sands of the desert, accompanied by a third in reluctant tow. The first two were ecstatic, happily clambering over one another as they rushed to be the first in their little race, Their destination was unknown - the only thing either of them knew was that they wanted to beat the other one. Their constant rolling over one another was kicking quite a bit of sand up at the third Pokemon, and without warning, the disgruntled Solosis exclaimed loudly, her psychic powers bringing the two pests before her to an abrupt stop as her words echoed within their minds.

"Will you two just stop and think for a moment! Do you even remember why we are here?"

Cain and Julia look at one another for a moment, bewilderment on their minds. Why were they here? The pair stared back at Sophie, a lingering doubt in their eyes. The Solosis was prone to the odd outbreak but they were normally aimed at Marco and Samson, the troublesome duo having something of a perfected talent for getting under the skin - or, rather, gelatinous fluid - of the Solosis. An exasperated sigh rises from Sophie as she realises that the two she had been sent to keep an eye on despite the oppressive heat had completely and utterly lost any semblance of focus on their mission.

"We're here to find items. Items. Anything that seems of any real value we're to bring back to Sweeney. Though, what we'll manage to find in this godforsaken place it beyond me."

At this, Cain frowns, the Gligar withdrawing his tongue - which typically hung out of his mouth at a rather awkward angle - and pointedly shooting back a retort.

"What do you mean godfo ... godfors ..."


Julia helpfully completes the word Cain was struggling with, disguising a chuckle of her own as Cain swings a playfully blow at the Larvitar, intending to clip her on the head but missing entirely and landing flat on his face. The pairs laughter continues even as Sophie watches on in irritation, but the Solosis finally gives in, rolling her eyes.

"Fine, fine. You two goons can goof around all you like. Just try to make it productive. See if you can't find anything. I'll even ask nicely. Please."
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